8 Animals With “Superpowers”


You hear about superpowers so often these days that it gets weird to realize they’re not real. A human can’t fly or summon tornadoes, nor can we breathe underwater or transform into big green destruction machines. Sure, for us these powers are a stuff of fiction, but apparently, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo and gave extraordinary abilities to some of her children.


Here are 8 fascinating animals and their superpowers.



1. The Bleeding Lizards
Some species of the North American horned lizards have special cavities around their eyes which they use to squirt their own stinking blood at the attacker. If that’s not metal AF, I don’t know what is.



2. Bombardier Beetle
As the name suggests, these beetles are not to be messed with. Similarly to the bleeding lizards, these guys also deal in projectiles. But if you get “shot” by a Bombardier beetle, prepare for the world of pain! 212 degrees Fahrenheit – that’s how hot it will get if you get sniped.


3. Climbing Perch
Fish can’t fly, walk on land, or breathe air… Some of those statements are dead wrong! There are in fact a few species of Perch in Asia who can both “walk” on land and breathe air. Some witnesses stated they saw the Perch climb up the tree, but this is yet to be proven.

4. The Flying Snakes
Ever seen a snake flying through the jungle? Me neither, but apparently, they do exist. There are 5 species of these hovering reptiles in the world and I’m guessing all of them are from Asia. Thanks to the basic knowledge of aerodynamics these snakes can jump and glide from tree to tree like they own the place.



5. Hairy Frog
Don’t let the goofy name fool you, Hairy frogs are real monsters! This amphibian has the most comic-book self-defense on this list – sharp bone protrusions. Yup, it’s the motherlovin’ Wolverine. And yeah, it probably hurts like hell to use this “weapon”.


6. The Sand Striker aka Bobbit Worm
This creeper would make for a perfect supervillain. It’s horrifying to look at, and deadly when it strikes. Basically it’s a 10-feet long carnivorous worm with razor-sharp bone jaws. You don’t want to anywhere near that thing, trust me.

7. Hoatzin
When we think of birds, we basically imagine creatures all covered in feathers, with 2 wings, a funny beak, and raptor-like talons. But not all birds were created equally. Some can’t fly, some look like your ex, and then there’s Hoatzin. This feathery friend has some very peculiar wing structure. Okay, basically its wings have claws on them, just like an Archeopteryx!

8. Mantis Shrimp
Mantis shrimps are amazing. They use their karate skills to smash hard shells, and outright kill/stun their prey. It’s all in the punch! Let’s just say that this tiny dude can break your finger in an instant. Let me just repeat that: this tiny crustacean can break your bones! Mother Nature, why are you so cruel?