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31 Random Facts About Cats You Should Know


Who doesn’t love cats? They’re warm and cuddly, and they’ll purr right into your ear… Basically they’re like women only with much lower maintenance cost. People say cats are horrible companions, but those unbelievers have no idea what they’re talking about. Here are some facts about kitties that will surely shut them up!



1. Once a kitty mamma gave birth to 19 kittens.
2. A group of cats is called … a clowder.
3. Cats’ social IQ is so low they don’t even care about how low it is.



4. There are 45 polydactyl cats living at Hemingway’s former home in Key West. Which is why these cute mutants are called “Hemingway cats”.
5. In the XV century, Pope Innocent VIII pronounced cats to be demons and ordered a great cat purge.
6. Abraham Lincoln’s hobby, according to his wife, was taking care of his four cats in the White House.
7. Cats can jump up to 6 times its body length.

8. The world’s largest cat was 48.5 inches long.
9. If you own a cat, you’re reducing the risk of getting a stroke and heart attack by a third.
10. A good old tabby is faster than Usain Bolt.
11. Our ancestors domesticated kitties around 3600 B.C.



12. Cats can make over 100 different sounds!
13. Most cats’ coats do not insulate them when they’re taking a swim. But some cats still like taking baths.
14. In the United Kingdom and Australia black cats are said to bring good luck.

15. After the death of its owner, a certain cat was left with 13 million dollars. Just saying there’s a cat out there who can buy an island.
16. Your cat didn’t go deaf, it just chooses to ignore your voice.
17. Raw fish is one of the worst snacks to give to a cat.
18. Back in the 1960s, the CIA were developing a program that would turn cats into spies.



19. The Egyptian Mau is the oldest breed of cat. Can you guess what “mau” means in Egyptian? Cat… it means cat.
20. Cat and human emotion centers in the brain are almost the same.
21. A cat’s cerebral cortex is almost twice as large as that of a dog – 300 million neurons, compared to a dog’s 160 million.

22. There are a couple of cats who somehow managed to survive falling from over 32 stories (320 meters) onto hard concrete.
23. When cats make the “eww face”, they are usually tasting the scent of whatever’s in front of them. Cats actually have an extra organ which allows them to taste-sense the air.

24. If you think your cat has a sweet tooth, you’d be wrong, because cats can’t taste sweetness.
25. The only way cats can sweat is through their footpads. Think about that the next time you kiss those toe beans.



26. Cats love taking naps. In fact 70% of their lives they’re catching Zs.
27. Kitties can hear sounds as high as 64 kHz (humans are limited to 20 kHz).
28. A cat nose is like a human fingerprint.

29. The first cat in space was a French cutie named Félicette, or “Astrocat”.
30. You think those rubs against your legs are caused by affection? Think again! They’re just marking what truly belongs to them – you.
31. And last, and very sad fact is only 24% of cats from the shelters will be adopted. Adopt a kitty today!