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If You’re Traveling And See A McDonald’s, Hop In And Eat These Things


Admit it, we all enjoy unhealthy food a lot more than we should. The first time I went to McDonald’s, I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven. I spent the majority of my youth in this blissful illusion until things like taxes and responsibilities dragged me out of the clouds. Yet the smell of a good McDonald’s burger (which has no real meat in it, so it’s 100% vegetarian) rekindles the fire of youth that once burned ever so brightly in my embarrassingly narrow chest.


The one thing I’ve never quite managed to do, however, is change my McDonald’s routine. I’m a Big Mac guy and I’m not afraid to admit it. Turns out they have more than just the Big Mac though. I know, I know, it’s pretty much a given at this point that they don’t need to have more food than the best cheap and unhealthy burger in the world, but they do it because they care. About profits, not about you.


Turns out McDonald’s restaurants (“restaurants”) have different kinds of food depending on the country you’re in, so it might be worth your while to take a look inside and try eating one of these things instead of your trusty ol’ Big Mac.



McLobster – Canada
Nowhere else in the world can fast food pretend to be as fancy as it can in Canada.



Croque McDo – France
This is just a burger variation of the traditional croque monsieur. If you don’t know what that is, you haven’t been eating amazing things. Cause it’s an amazingly delicious hot grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

McSpaghetti – Philippines
Apparently the only thing the people from the Philippines thought was missing from McDonald’s was spaghetti. It’s weird, but I’ll allow it.



French Fries With Chocolate – Japan
I’m Belgian, so the mere concept of throwing chocolate on top of fries is pretty much the equivalent of taking a dump on my heritage. But apparently the Japanese are fond of that kind of thing.

Nürnburger – Germany
It’s a burger with sausages in it. Because what else would it be in Germany?



Bubur Ayam – Malaysia
The traditional chicken porridge is also available at McDonald’s in Malaysia! Rejoice, citizens of the Earth!

McMollet – Mexico
All this name does is make me think someone should make a McMullet that’s shaped like a top tier 80’s mullet hairdo. Make it happen. It’s actually a tasty patty with fried beans, cheese and salsa.



McArabia – Middle Eastern Countries
It’s basically a pita you can buy at McDonald’s. This would honestly be an amazing idea pretty much everywhere in the world.

Gazpacho Soup – Spain
Can’t have a greasy burger without a cup of cold tomato soup.



Beef à la Rus – Russia
It’s literally a regular burger with brown bread used as a bun.

McSpicy Paneer – India
Yup, it’s vegetarian. India also has the world’s first fully vegetarian McDonald’s. Well, if you count their burgers as actual meat. Very few people do.



Rice Burger – Singapore, South Korea
It’s a burger with a bun made of rice. This is pretty much the perfect blend between sushi and a juicy burger. I’d have called it “juicy sushi”. Try saying that five times in a row without tripping over your tongue. Now do it five times without feeling silly you just said “juicy sushi” ten times in a row.