Top 8 Music Videos with the Most Dislikes on YouTube


YouTube videos are like real life celebrities – the more popular they become, the more people hate them. And in case with music videos it’s even more true. Sure your favorite local rock band may have 10k views and like a thousand likes, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the most watched music videos. When a video gets billions of views, a few million dislikes doesn’t look so bar, right?


Here are 8 music videos with the most dislikes!



8. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball, 1.4 M
This is what you get after turning a cute and huggable Miley Cyrus into a wrecking-ball-swinging diva. The video has not left anyone on the fence about it. You either like what she did to that hammer, or you despise it but you’re still gonna use it for a clickable thumbnail. And who cares about that stupid song anyway.



7. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda, 1.5 M
Boy oh boy, 1.5 million thumbs down? This time Nicki must have pissed off a small country or two with her twerk.

6. PSY – Gangnam Style, 2 M
The only reason why this smashing hit would be so massively disliked is that it was literally on every corner and people couldn’t hide from it. Think about it, this vid got over 3 billion views! Which means half of the planet had seen it and did the ‘Gangnam Style’ (eventually).

5. Bibi H. – How It Is (Wap Bap…), 2.8 M
I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never seen or heard of this video until today. Apparently, she’s a vlogger who likes music, but not enough to make something worthwhile, I guess. But 2.8 million dislikes just for the overuse of auto-tune and lazy lyrics seems like and overkill.



4. Rebecca Black – Friday, 3.3 M
Imagine yourself being 13 and going through what Rebecca had gone through. It’s madness! Yeah, sure, the song was crap, her voice was all nasally and funny, but she at least tried. Years later she’s still being mocked for her video Friday. I don’t wanna sound like that one guy but leave Rebecca alone! I’m glad to hear she’s since came back to YouTube and leads a fairly successful channel.

3. Luis Fonsi – Despacito feat. Daddy Yankee, 3.5 M
Even writing the name of the song gives me a horrible PTSD. Unlike the Gangnam Style, this schlockfest of a music video has nothing going for it except for the catch rhythm. What does it say about the artist if nobody knows their name? It’s always just “despacito this” and “despacito that”. Well deserved 3.5 million thumbs down.

2. Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro feat. Team 10, 3.9 M
When a d-bag ex-Viner migrates to YouTube you just know things are gonna get bad really fast. You’ve all heard about his adventures in Japan, and what kind of person he is in general, so of course, when he uploaded his “diss track”, people went crazy. Possibly in more than one meaning of that word. 3.8 million downs, eh? Could’ve been worse. Nay, should’ve been worse!

1. Justin Bieber – Baby feat. Ludacris, 9.4 M
Ah, the Baby Man himself – Justin Bieber. I’ve never liked his songs, or his shenanigans, but at least he scored with Selena Gomez. Gotta give him some respect for that. I’m sure there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said about Bieber, but we’re yet to see anyone getting even close to his whopping 9.4 million thumbs down. Which is almost a 50/50 ratio of likes to dislikes. Paraphrasing Chandler from “Friends”: You sing the best bad songs. If anybody was looking for the best bad song, they’d come to you.