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Top 8 Best Space Movies Ever Made


I love space! The Final Frontier, the infinite vastness filled with pitch-black void of nothingness. How does one NOT love the mysteries the cosmos holds? The only way for us to imagine how it’s like up there, is to A) become an astronaut or B) watch a lot of sci-fi movies.


As much as I’d love to see our Blue Marble from a space station, I’ll just stick to the movies. Here are top 8 best space movies ever made!



1) 2001: A Space Odyssey
Easily one of the most fantastic and influential cinematic masterpieces, in this post. It was released over 50 years ago, and still hold up, probably thanks to Stanley Kubrick’s direction and vision. The movie is such a cerebral experience, you simply have to see with your own eyes.



2) Event Horizon
Laurence Fishburne and his crew are sent to explore this long-lost space ship, that disappeared years ago into thin air. What they find inside is nothing short of terrifying: no bodies, no blood, only demons from the depths of hell! It’s not necessarily a “good” movie, more like “so bad it’s good”, but I still love rewatching it once a year.

3) Alien
Enter Xenomorph! One of the scariest sci-fi horror movie ever produced. There’s tension, the stakes are real, the props look phenomenal, and every scene used to make me chicken out. That’s a sign of a fantastic movie. Watch Aliens while you’re at it.

4) Star Trek (2009)
JJ Abrams came in like a wrecking ball with his reboot of the Star Trek franchise. 2009 special effects allowed the world of USS Enterprise and its crew to face more realistic enemies and even the plot is kinda great!



5) Gravity
Sandra Bullock and George Clooney hanging out at the International Space Station when suddenly something bad hits them, cutting off their comms and forcing them both to work together to survive long enough. Visually it’s one of the most faithful depictions of outer space, so you’ll feel every bit of hope floating away as you watch it. Space is awesome but also dangerous.

6) Interstellar
First time you’ll watch this movie, you’re gonna feel lost, but that just because us plebs. If your physics knowledge is on point you’ll probably enjoy it a hell of a lot more. That said, after the second viewing everything just snaps into place. Plot-wise, It’s an acid trip from start to finish! Time and space don’t always work the same in space, which makes for some amazing visuals.

7) The Martian
A regular astronaut, Tom Watney, gets stranded on Mars of all places and needs to survive until the help arrives. Pretty straight-forward, right? But it’s not about the concept, it’s about the presentation. The way Matt Damon handles all his problems and inevitable f-ups is damn fun to watch. Just imagine yourself in his shoes. I’d personally be dead on day 2.

8) Guardians of the Galaxy
Couldn’t leave out one of my favorite Marvel franchises – Guardians of the Galaxy! A space outlaw, a tree, a talking raccoon, a green assassin, and an invisible man all walk into a bar… That bar is as good as wrecked! Everyone loves a good ungerdog story, and Guardians of the Galaxy is exactly that with a healthy dose of trademark Marvel humor and amazing visuals!