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Top 10 Most Famous Movie Directors

Charlie Chaplin

You might argue that Charlie Chaplin is famous for his roles and for the character of The Tramp more than he is for his work as I director, but I would argue that these characters and films come as a package deal, and that doing visual comedy well requires really advanced skills as both an actor and a director!

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is like the Volkswagen of film directors. Maybe not the best metaphor, but let me explain. He makes quality movies. They’re always good, he’s a very skilled director, and he consistently manages to use his skills to make compelling, memorable movies.

Think about it! Jurassic Park, Big Friendly Giant, Saving Pirate Ryan, Schindlers List! There is so much range to Spielberg as a director, and he always makes great movies.

They might not be flashy, but they’re great and you can rely on being satisfied with the experience. Just like driving a Volkswagen car.

Christopher Nolan

Here’s someone who also doesn’t have a single bad movie in their filmography. They might not all be your cup of tea. They might not be the best movies ever made. But you can’t argue that each of Christopher Nolan’s movies isn’t good.

From his early start with Memento and his latest Dunkirk, Nolan’s signature “move” is to play with the concept of time.

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