Top 10 Fan Interaction Moments


We all have celebrities we look up to and would like to meet some day. Some people that spend less time reading internet articles than you do have actually even interacted with their heroes at some point in time.


Thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet, it’s pretty much guaranteed your celebrity/fan Interaction will be recorded and put online. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable ones.



Adam Levine Getting #MeToo’d On Stage
That girl sure seemed happy to hug him in a context where she wasn’t even supposed to be near him in the first place.



Katy Perry Kissed A Boy And He Liked It
We can all act very disappointed here and pretend this would’ve been an entirely different situation if the genders were swapped, but that kid got his first kiss from Katy Perry, I doubt he cares.


Seal Duets With A Street Performer
Oh, that Seal. He seems like such a genuinely nice guy.



Jay Z And Beyoncé Getting A Surprise Visit From A Fan
And chaos ensued. It’s just a fan trying to smell some of that artist sweat, no big deal.


11 Year Old Kid Plays Guitar With Green Day
All this really does prove how easy Green Day songs are.



Ariana Grande Singalong Drive-By
Come on, we’ve all been through this exact situation at least a few points in our lives. Right?


Enrique Iglesias Saving A Fan From His Security
I never thought I’d say this, but most artists can take a note from Enrique here. This is how it’s done. That girl isn’t putting anyone in danger, let her have her moment.


Beyoncé Getting Pulled Off Stage
Without missing more than 3 or 4 beats, the superstar gets back at it.



Fan Takes Over The Stage At Nicki Minaj Concert
Look at him work it! Again, Kudos to Nicki for letting him do his thing.


Bieber Getting A Visit From A Fan
R.I.P. that piano. Bieber can pretend nothing happened, but we all know an innocent musical instrument died that night.