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Top 10 Best Disney Princesses


I know what you’re thinking: Disney princesses are dull. You’re not entirely wrong. In fact, you might even be entirely right. But let’s look at them from a different angle. One: every Disney princess, no matter how “oh, woe is me!” she may be, has a redeeming quality. Two: they create a lot of cosplaying opportunities. You can’t all go to conventions dressed like Harley Quinn, can you ladies?
Anyway, if for no other reason than to inspire you for your next cosplay outfit, enjoy these awesome Disney princesses.



10. Aurora – Sleeping Beauty
She sleeps all the time. You tell me that doesn’t sound like a life worth living.



9. Ariel – The Little Mermaid
Starts off a half-fish, ends up growing legs because she gets sick of being in the water all the time. Darwin’s theory of evolution at its finest.

8. Belle – Beauty And The Beast
Belle’s been teaching men a very important lesson: looks don’t matter if you’re rich.



7. Cinderella – Cinderella
Contrary to what women believe, Cinderella proves that men do pay attention to what shoes you’re wearing. We just don’t comment on it all that often, because they’re shoes. I mean, what do you expect us to tell you? You know they’re shoes, you put them on your feet. Pretty sure this is how far the conversation was meant to go.

6. Jasmine – Aladdin
What better way to stick it to your filthy rich parents and friends that can’t stop showing off, than to date a guy with a goddamn flying carpet. He was poor though, but no plan is perfect.



5. Mulan – Mulan
Doesn’t need saving, saves her entire country instead. Pretends to be a man throughout most of the movie. Probably to get a fair wage.

4. Rapunzel – Tangled
Rapunzel teaches girls to stand up for themselves. If he’s not letting you out of that tower, he can be damn sure you won’t cut your hair either! That’ll show him!

3. Merida – Brave
This one isn’t drawn to look like a “perfect” woman, and she can shoot a bow.



2. Snow White – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
I think we all learned a very important lesson from Snow White: an apple a day, in fact, does not keep the doctor away. At all.

1. Elsa – Frozen
She can do magic. Ice magic. Like one of those kids that studies at the Charles Xavier institute for gifted youngsters.