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These 10 Actors Need To Fire Their Agents


They say an actor is only as good as his agent. Well, they don’t really say that, but they should. Sometimes actors get stuck in a downward spiral of bad movies and you can just watch all the acting potential go to waste.


I mean, sometimes actors pick “bad” roles for the heck of it. It can be pretty fun to ease up on all the dramatic acting for a while and just do a stupid comedy. But then there’s also the “it’s for the money, isn’t it?” type of movies where an actor is literally putting their reputation on the line for a hefty paycheck.


Let’s take a look at some actors that really need to get a new agent. Yesterday.



10. Jim Carrey
Well, let’s face it: people aren’t impressed by making a funny face anymore. The days of Ace Ventura are decades (literally) behind us. JC’s biggest mistake was probably not doing more real acting. He was amazing in The Number 23, The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.



9. Forest Whitaker
This guy won an Oscar back in the day. Seems like that was thousands of years ago, doesn’t it? He hasn’t really done anything noteworthy in a decade and even his role in Rogue One was anything but memorable. And if you can’t make a career out of starring in Star Wars movies, you might as well be Hayden Christensen.

8. Nicolas Cage
This guy has essentially become a parody of himself. This is a textbook example of an actor in need of an agent that will teach him to say no to certain projects and in Nick’s case, a good shrink and a great financial manager thrown in to boot.



7. Adrien Brody
The youngest actor to ever win the academy award for best actor, it’s pretty ridiculous that this guy has been reduced to starring in awful B-list movies.

6. Jason Statham
As much as I love Jason, it’s a bad thing when “Jason Statham movie” pretty much accurately describes how filled with nonsensical one-liners and over-the-top action sequences your movie is going to be. Can we say stereotype here?



5. Johnny Depp
Where this used to be a versatile actor that was heaps of fun to watch, it seems like every movie he does just stars a different version of Jack Sparrow. And even Jack Sparrow has lost most of his charm now.

4. Matthew McConaughey
This guy’s career is the biggest rollercoaster ever. First he was good, then he was bad, then he did Wolf of Wall Street and now he’s bad again. Let’s hope The Dark Tower puts him back on the map!

3. Gerard Butler
Another great actor that hasn’t really done a decent movie in nearly ten years. This list is making me feel old. I mean, he’s not the best actor (his awful accents are pretty much his most defining acting skill), but at least he did good movies. Nowadays, all he does is Gods of Egypt. Yeah. He was in that.



2. Robert De Niro
When you go from Raging Bull to Bad Grandpa, I think the quality dip in your career speaks volumes. Even the ‘Fockers’ was not what De Niro’s career was about can we say, irrelevant?

1. Dwayne Johnson
Having twelve projects in different stages of development, sadly doesn’t mean that all twelve of them will be good. I’ll probably watch all twelve of them because I’m not the kind of person to pretend I have a life, but I’m not sure I’ll watch any of them twice. And let’s not forget Dwayne is now moving into the political arena, the 13th project! Anyone superstitious about numbers?