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The Most Badass Female TV Characters Of All Time


The glass ceiling is a very odd thing. The most recent presidential election has proven yet again that it’s a very real thing. Women have struggled a lot over the last few decades to gain a somewhat more equal footing with men, but we’re not quite there yet. Compared to the political landscape, the world of entertainment has – at least somewhat – got the message.
Women have been quite prominent in certain hit TV shows, and not always as bland eye-candy characters. I mean, most of the time, but not always. And since we need to do something to celebrate girl power, what could be better than to list out some of those previously mentioned prominent women? Having Hillary as President of the United States? Well, I can only make one of those two things happen, and beggars can’t be choosers. It’s going to be the prominent, not-used-as-eye-candy female characters.



10. Wonder Woman
An amazon warrior with supernatural powers that can duke it out with Superman? Damn. And she was the first DC female superhero. So naturally, they made a TV show about her, in a time when having a woman be the lead part was very rare indeed.

9. Jessica Pearson (Suits)
Leader of a prestigious law firm? Check. Has zero tolerance for your bullshit? Check. What more needs to be said – Jessica is the boss.

8. Joan Holloway (Mad Men)
Working yourself up in a time when women weren’t supposed to climb the ladder (unless the kitchen sink was mounted on the ceiling)? Joan don’t need emancipation, Joan emancipates herself. Joan rocks and probably eats mountain oysters for breakfast everyday!



7. Amy Pond (Dr. Who)
The trusty sidekick of the eleventh doctor (don’t you dare say “doctor who?”, don’t you goddamn dare!), Amy was perhaps one of the sassier and unique ones.

6. Buffy Summers (Buffy, The Vampire Slayer)
Back in the 90s, Buffy fought all the vampires and other supernatural monsters so we could live our lives in peace. And much like Goku, she was never properly thanked for her services performed on this planet. Thanks, Buffy! She dated a couple of vampires though, that was weird. Talk about mixing business with pleasure.



5. Phoebe Buffay (Friends)
She might be batshit crazy, but she didn’t take crap off anyone. Smelly cat, what were they feeding you?

4. Dana Scully (The X-Files)
She had to work with Mulder fulltime and had to fight cancer in her off-hours. And aliens. Pretty sure that gets her a spot on this list.



3. Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Being around a bunch of science nerds all the time while having no scientific background yourself is no small feat. And Penny pulls it off nicely.

2. Xena (Xena, Warrior Princess)
A warrior princess in the 90s, Xena was the first woman to carry around a lesbian sidekick. She also did that high pitched battle cry thing. And she had a metal Frisbee. Next stop San Francisco and the Dykes on Bikes Convention!



1. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
She’s the mother of dragons. Enough said.