The 8 Biggest Brands That Disney Owns


Disney has been steadily buying up all the competition in Hollywood, so by now they’ve created an imperium that’s hard to keep track of. Do we even know what is and what isn’t owned by Disney anymore?

Don’t worry – I’m here to help. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest brands that Disney currently owns.


Well, we all knew this since the Disney logo is shown at the start of every MCU movie since Iron Man 3. They paid a hefty sum for the property, but it’s made them billions as well.


And Star Wars also belongs to Disney now. George Lucas sold his company and the rights to the intellectual property a few years before the creation of Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Since then, we’ve been hit with a Star Wars movie for pretty much every year.


Remember when there were two companies that made animated movies? Yeah, Disney doesn’t like too much direct competition. They did what they do best and just outright bought Pixar.

Fox Studios

Ever since Disney got hold of the Marvel properties, this was bound to happen. They’ve been looking for ways to get all the Marvel superheroes in their hands but because of the way the Marvel rights were splintered, it hasn’t been too easy. They struck a deal with Sony, which is volatile at best, and bought Fox Studios to get the X-Men (and all the other Fox properties, like The Simpsons, Alien and the upcoming Avatar movies).


Micky Mouse even has his own sports channel. There’s nothing these guys haven’t thought of in their quest for media dominance. Disney owns a 80% share in ESPN.

The History Channel

And even the more informative TV channels aren’t safe from Disney. The History Channel only belongs to Disney for 50%, but that also means that they have a big enough share in it to not be simply case aside.


The ABC channel completely belongs to Disney, so that rounds out their trip into tv media with a more entertaining TV channel.

Touchstone Pictures

Yup, not every Disney movie is a Disney movie. Disney also owns Touchstone Pictures, probably for the more “we don’t think these are Disney approved” movies.