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Movie Clichés That Have Nothing To Do With Reality


If you watch a lot of movies, it won’t take you long to see how Hollywood basically creates their own facts. Some things that would never happen in real life seem commonplace in most blockbuster movies and none of the characters seem to be bothered with it. Once you start noticing these things and pay attention to them, it’ll tear you right out of every movie.

Let’s take a look at some tropes Hollywood has invented and keeps using time and time again, despite it having no basis in reality. 

Magical Supermarkets

Contrary to what happens in real life, the supermarkets in Hollywood movies are always stocked to the brim with every item you can think of, and you never have to wait in line to pay for your groceries. Not to mention that the employees are always happy, motivated and well-informed about the ins and outs of the store.

Early Birds

Everyone in every movie ever made wakes up early enough to have a ridiculous breakfast, a long shower, conversations with their loved ones and maybe even a short work out and a 30 minute news paper break. Meanwhile I roll out of bed, splash water in my face and break the world record for drinking hot coffee so I don’t miss the bus.

Twists in the Courtroom

If you’ve ever been in a courtroom – and I hope you haven’t – you’ll know that there’s no such thing as surprise evidence or a surprise witness. You’ll know all the evidence the other party has, which witnesses they’re going to summon and even what point they’ll try to make with them well before the trial even starts.

Dogs on the Couch

Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, there is no universe where potentially muddy paws and clean couches would ever meet without a blanket in between. Yet there hasn’t been a single Hollywood movie where some slightly overstressed housewife yells at the dog to get him out of the couch and frantically starts wiping away the mud.

Perfect Looking People

Remember that one movie where that very attractive actor lost that minimum wage job and we were supposed to feel bad for them? I guess those people have never heard of modelling agencies. Let’s just say it’s weird that people like Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt couldn’t talk their way through whatever job interview they showed up for in less than 10 minutes.

Noise Immunity

Even when in the loudest environment you can think of like a club or something, characters seem magically capable of hearing each other with even the faintest whisper. Meanwhile I have to yell at everyone at a standard restaurant because all the other tables are also having a conversation and it just becomes a contest of who can be the loudest.


Everyone who gets injured in action movies still ends up somehow looking fabulous, don’t they? Meanwhile I can bite my lip by accident while eating too excitedly and be afraid to go out for half a week in case someone would notice that swollen tragedy. Even a black eye is attractive in Hollywood, where in real life it condemns you to wearing sunglasses in dark places.