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It’s Hard To Believe These Actresses Are Over 80 Years Old


Young actresses may be spry and energetic, but they could never beat the years and years of experience these golden girls have.  

Here are seven old-school actresses who are over 80 years old.

1. Sophie Loren, 86 years old

At 71, Sophia Loren was recognized as the most beautiful woman of the twentieth century. This queen can still wear a deep neckline dress and claims that she has never been under the knife. When it comes to age, Sophia says that the most important thing is to be in harmony with your inner self and the world around you, to remain serene and calm, without forgetting about the joys of life.

2. Brigitte Bardot, 86 years old

Bardot’s show business career started with a modeling job, but after meeting Roger Vadim, who got her a role in his new film. Bardot was so beautiful that young John Lennon dedicated several songs to her. In 1973, Brigitte announced her retirement from the cinema to devote herself to politics and charity.

3. Gina Lollobrigida, 93 years old

This Italian star reached the peak of her popularity in the 1950-1960s, even becoming an international sex symbol. After her acting career fizzled out, she started taking photos and writing interviews. One time Gina has managed to get an audience with Fidel Castro.

4. Jane Fonda, 83 years old

Fonda, who won two Oscars, looks impeccable to this day and continues to star in films and TV shows. In 2019, the film Our Souls at Night was presented at the Venice Film Festival. Just like 50 years ago, Fonda and her filming partner Robert Redford played a couple in love and were awarded the Golden Lion for their spectacular achievements.

5. Judi Dench, 86 years old

The fantastic Judi Dench is already over 80 years old, but she is full of vigor, and we can only envy her positive attitude. To her, retirement is a dirty word, just like old age. Last year, the 83-year-old Oscar winner starred in the film adaptation of the famous musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber, “Cats,” where she played a male role.

6. Angela Lansbury, 95 years

The famous Miss Marple has been nominated three times for the Oscar, 18 times for the Emmy, 6 times for the Golden Globe, and 5 times for the Tony Award. She has been popping up in movies for over 70 years, and she is still going!

7. Joanne Collins, 87 years old

Joanne became popular for her role in the soap opera “Dynasty,” where her 50-year-old Alexis Colby became one of the most famous soap characters ever. The actress celebrated her 87th birthday in 2020 and advised everyone to treat their body like an expensive car: high-quality fuel, regular inspections, and only the best motor oil. Looks to me like Joanne would be an awesome car mechanic!