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Charlize Therone’s Childhood in South Africa Helps Her Raise Kids


Despite the fact that we’re still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and should probably just be staying at home most of the time – there’s a lot happening in the US. There were protests to do with human rights, race, quarantine and while we’re used to thinking that celebs are unaffected by all this, Charlize Theron recently shared in the interview how she’s been dealing with the recent events and what are her thoughts on everything.

Let’s all remember that Charlize Theron grew up in South Africa, so she’s definitely very aware of race issues. This was a country that still had segregation going on well into the 90s. Secondly, there was the biggest HIV epidemic in South Africa when Charlize was still a child and she remembers how that shook up her world even as a child and how the whole country nearly broke up into a civil war. And thirdly Charlize is a mom of two daughters who happen to be black. So she can draw the parallels between her childhood in South Africa and what’s happening in America right now. She’s acutely aware of everything that’s happening right now.

First of all, as a single mother she’s obviously worried about taking care of her kids and their health. But when everything including school closed for quarantine she was faced with having to homeschool her kids, which is something she’s never had to do before. Charlize says that’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. We definitely don’t appreciate teachers enough, and now that everyone’s had to do at least a bit of homeschooling we’ll probably have way more respect for teachers. Charlize said that she’d gladly do action movie after action movie, over and over again, instead of having to homeschool again.

When talking about the #blacklivesmatter protest in America she says that her kids are very aware of them. One of her daughters is more sensitive about it, so she lets her deal with it on her own terms and doesn’t want to overwhelm her. Her second daughter is less sensitive about it and way more proactive, she wants to do something about it, she wants to be part of the change, so they make protest signs together and put them up in their car when they drive around.

But all in all, Charlize admits that it’s definitely something that has influenced her kids, she feels like they lost a bit of their childlike innocence because of it. But at the same time, she hopes that this unfortunate series of events will also have a positive impact and will empower her girls too.

Charlize Theron also said she’s not sure what her work life will look like after this. On one hand, she just finished a movie right before the pandemic hit, so she was actually perfectly fine with taking a break and spending some time at home with her kids. But on the other hand, she finds it hard to imagine what her job will look like in the future. It takes a village to make a movie, there are so many people involved in the process and it’s the collaboration of all those people that produces the result we all like to see. But Charlize just can’t imagine being on a movie set in the near future, it wouldn’t be safe to have that many people working together. But she says that a lot of her friends in the industry are trying to find creative solutions on how to make things work and she says that movie making probably won’t be the same for a while.