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8 HBO Shows that Will Keep You Busy Now that the Game Of Thrones Is Gone


It was sad to see one of the most well-written and directed shows of the century go up in flames in the last season, but what did you expect from fan fiction? Either way, now, that people are unsubscribing from HBO, it’s time to show them what they’re missing out on!

There are so many more shows on HBO that will keep your interest, you have no idea. Prepare for amazing drama and shocking twists – today we’re looking at 8 HBO shows that will keep you busy now that the Game of Thrones is gone.

1. “Succession”

If you’re into high-powered family business drama, turn your attention to “Succession”. It’s about a giant media conglomerate and a bunch of bastards trying to get on top of that multi-billion dollar cake! New season premiers on Aug. 11, 2019

2. “Big Little Lies”

Book adaptations are usually bad but not when HBO is doing them. So in “Big Little Lies” a bunch of rich moms arguing and fighting each other, until someone crosses the line. So who’s the murderer? Watch the new season on June 9, 2019.

3. “Chernobyl”

It’s the year 1986. The Chornobyl (the correct transliteration) nuclear plant goes boom. The entire world is contaminated with radiation. That’s the big picture but what the show focuses on are the smaller parts of that picture: the politics, the local people, the firefighters and how everyone got screwed by the USSR’s attempts to cover the truth. No happy ending here, I’m afraid.

4. “Barry”

What would happen if a hitman tried to become an actor? An absurd comedy with some outstanding action scenes, that’s what! A hired killer will never run away from his past…

Two seasons so far, with the third coming next year!

5. “Watchmen”

Yes, THE Watchmen – one of Alan Moore’s best graphic novels, now on HBO (well, technically, this Fall). If you have no idea what this is, it’s not your regular superhero show. Moore did a total deconstruction of the comic book genre. It’s also dark, gritty, and full of misery.

6. “Westworld”

And of course, there’s the fantastic “Westworld”, combining Wild West, robots, Samurai, futuristic tech, and some of the best storytelling you’ve seen on TV. New season comes out in 2020!

7. “His Dark Materials”

Remember “Golden Compass”? Okay, now wipe it from your memory because HBO is doing a proper adaptation of Philip Pullman’s novel series. And take a look at that stellar cast! Premieres sometime in 2019.