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7 of The Best Baby Yoda Moments


Baby Yoda has been taking over the internet ever since The Mandalorian aired on Disney+. I know it sounds hard to make a list of his best moments in the show so far (I mean, does he even have bad moments?), but let’s try anyway.

Without further ado, witness Baby Yoda in all his glory!

Eating Frogs

Who cares about the Force if you can swallow a frog whole?

Lifting a Rhino

Considering how early in the series this happens, it’s a nice testament of Baby Yoda’s power in the Force. Without this moment, the show probably would’ve ended after two episodes as Mando was clearly losing that fight.

Pushing All the Buttons

I mean, how cute is Baby Yoda constantly pushing pretty much every button he can find? He’s like a real baby, only powerful in the Force!

Nearly Killing Cara

The poor lad didn’t know what arm wrestling was and thought someone was hurting his dad. And so that person had to be choked out. Them’s the rules, Baby Yoda can’t help it.

Healing With the Force

What better way to introduce new Force powers than through a new, cuter version of Yoda? Apparently the Force can heal people now, which is fine by me.

Fighting Fire With Fire

Remember that flame trooper that tried to burn everyone? Baby Yoda does. He stopped his fireball and sent it back at him. Now Baby Yoda had to take a life. And it kind of looked badass.

Drinking Soup

I love how contemplative Baby Yoda looks while drinking soup. Almost like he’s thinking “end up here, how did I?”