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7 Movies to Watch if You Like Bird Box


Netflix has done it again and managed to create a highly hyped movie that’s been watched by pretty much half the planet in a few short weeks. Some people have hated everything about it, but most people seem to be pretty excited about the movie and find it worth a watch – especially Netflix’ own test audience. If you agree with that and think Bird Box was amazing, here’s a few other movies you might like (warning: small spoilers not to be avoided).



The Happening
The Happening probably has most in common with Bird Box in terms of how the “incident” begins. It’s also an event that causes people to commit suicide and some people have to somehow survive in the fallout. It’s worth a watch I guess.



A Quiet Place
Where Bird Box is about not looking at something, A Quiet Place is pretty much the same movie but about a family trying to survive in a world where you can’t make any noise.

War of the Worlds
You’ve probably seen this one already, but it’s Tom Cruise trying to survive through an alien invasion. It’s amazing, because it has Tom Cruise in it.

If you’re just looking to see Sandra Bullock get through some scary moments, Gravity would also perfectly fit that bill for you.

The Road
Another post-apocalyptic movie where a parent has to navigate his child through a world that’s entirely gone to Hell.

This movie has a deaf girl being stalked by someone that manages to get inside her house. That’s scary even if you can hear him coming!

Get Out
This amazing movie is also mostly a psychological horror movie in the sense that it has no jump scares but you’ll feel uneasy for pretty much the entire length of the movie. Not only that, but you’ll even be thinking about it for days or weeks after watching it!