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7 Most Evil Anime Villains


Anime has been popular ever since it flew over all the way from Japan and reached the mainstream media of the western world. And let’s be honest – what’s not to love? It has humor, action, variety, interesting characters, some drama, and amazing villains. There’s probably no source of more interesting villains than anime shows, which is why it seems like the perfect opportunity to see which anime villains are the most evil of them all.


Let’s take a look.



Father, Fullmetal Alchemist
There’s nothing or no one this person won’t kill if it furthers his own power. Even his own children aren’t safe from his ambition, and entire countries have fallen to his need for greater power.



Makoto Shishio, Rurouni Kenshin
Stabbing the good guy through the body of your own lover, who was trying to save your life, takes some real dedication. And if that doesn’t kill the good guy, just fight him until your blood evaporates. Totally reasonable, right?

Frieza, Dragonball Z
Not only did he blow up Krillin, kill Vegeta and quite a bunch of other people – he blew up planet Vegeta and blew up Namek. And to make it even worse, he broke time and space and made five minutes last for 10 full episodes.

Johan Liebert, Monster
We can keep this short: Johan might look like a regular guy, but he’s not. In fact, he’s so horrible that a Neo-Nazi party asked him to become the next Adolf Hitler, and he killed most of them just so they’d leave him alone.

Light, Death Note
Where Light started off killing only criminals in his Death Note, he ended up killing pretty much everyone he considered to be a criminal and/or anyone who got in his way.

The Major, Hellsing
Considering how obsessed this guy is with war, it’s honestly no surprise he made it on this list, isn’t it?

Naraku, Inuyasha
This guy is mostly evil in how little he wants the heroes to feel like they’re getting somewhere. This guy even cloned himself countless times just so the heroes could beat him in every episode without making any actual progress.