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7 Famous Actors Who Hated Their Own TV Characters



There are many things TV actors would be willing to do to keep their spot on the show and earn as much money as possible, but sometimes the screenwriters and/or directors are making it unbearable for the actors to continue doing what they were doing. Even the biggest names in the TV industry have been through bad jobs, that’s just how things go. Yes, you get the paycheck at the end but was that piece of paper worth their time, their dignity… their soul?


Here are 7 famous actors and actresses who couldn’t stand their own TV characters. All of them had their reasons, be it a bad match, having the “it will do” attitude, or just because the writers did a bad job. If you’re looking for an excuse not to do something, you’re gonna find it.



1. Evangeline Lilly (Lost)
Today we know her as Hope van Dyne aka the Wasp, but just a few years back Evangeline Lilly was huge on J.J. Abrams’ “Lost”. From her own words, it was all great at the beginning. Kate, her character, was a valued member of the survivors, right up until the showrunners decided they could up their rating by turning Kate into a local slut, chasing men around like there’s no tomorrow, while also showing a lot of skin. I’d hate to be in such a position, too.


2. Stephen Dillane (Game Of Thrones)
Who’d think that the man who played Stannis Baratheon in the Game of Thrones had zero idea about what he was supposed to do? Stephen Dillane admitted that he just couldn’t understand what Stannis was supposed to be or what the plot progression meant for his character. I can’t blame the man, George R.R. Martin’s plot lines are as twisted and intertwined as a pair of headphones in your pocket. In the end Stephen said he took the role for the money, and that’s okay.



3. David Harewood (Supergirl)
David started off his adventure on Supergirl as Hank Henshaw, the director of D.E.O., who was actually the shapeshifting Martian Manhunter. The real Hank Henshaw, however, was somehow turned into an iconic super villain Cyborg Superman. They basically told David he’s evil now, slapped a cheap mask on him and hoped for the best, I guess. No backstory, no nuance, no nothing. It’s the worst kind of role for a great actor like Harewood.

4. Angus T. Jones (Two And A Half Men)
We all remember that lovable little idiot Jake Harper, played by Angus T. Jones. He’s managed to survive on the set of Two and a Half Men for 9 seasons until he just couldn’t take the dumb jokes about sex and weed any longer. He outgrew the show, earned piles of money, and probably made a couple of friends in Hollywood. I’d say it’s a win-win in the end.



5. Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother)
What do you think Jason Segel hated the most about being a star in one of the funniest sitcoms of the past decade? In the later seasons his character goes through the motions and has zero development, which in turn was a huge turn off for Jason and almost got the show cancelled! You can even see in the last few episodes how “done” Marshal is, but hey, at least, they finished the series.


6. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
As much as I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even I have to admit that after the first three seasons something was off. It’s not that obvious, but after hearing that Sarah Michelle Gellar’s heart wasn’t in it, that she was annoyed to come to the set every day, it all makes a bit more sense. Thankfully, no amount of whining behind the scenes has affected the show’s overall quality. SMG was a real champ and went through all 7 seasons of vampire and demon slaying like a pro!



7. Chevy Chase (Community)
I’m guessing getting a legendary comedian like Chevy Chase on a barely popular comedy show was a huge deal for Dan Harmon and his “Community”. Sadly, aside from “wisdom”, with age comes snarkiness, inability to tolerate younger people’s BS, and the general IDGAF attitude towards everything and everyone. Chevy reportedly got into heated arguments with almost every cast member, and because they would not bow down to his “elderly wisdom”, he kinda crapped all over the staff, the cast, and the show itself. Boo-freaking-hoo!