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5 Worst Ways Game Of Thrones Could Actually End


We all love Game of Thrones, and those who don’t, obviously have not seen enough of it to understand it’s crazy good. Last year HBO has announced that there will only be 2 more seasons of it, seasons 7 and 8, and both of them will have seven or eight episodes. What I’m saying is, we’re almost done with it. But how will it end? I’m sure there will be SOME karmic justice for certain characters, but all in all, what’s gonna happen to Westeros? Will the White Walkers kill everyone and rule the seven kingdoms? Maybe we’ll get a happy ending for everyone and somehow resurrect Ned Stark, Hodor, and aaaall those “good people” who died during the 8 seasons. Okay, probably not, but what would be some of the worst ways to end the story? Let’s find out!



1. Cersei Wins
Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Sure, this outcome would be highly unlikely, because it would be quite boring for such an outstanding show to keep the current bitch-queen on the throne, but then again, we’re talking about G.R.R.M. Here, so nothing’s impossible. It would be like twisting a plot twist, which would basically mean there would be no twist. And that would suck.

2. The White Walkers Win
This would probably be the least worst ending out of them all. Pretty much everyone except for Hotpie deserves to be turned into a White Walker. It would also be super anti-climactic, and fans would probably riot! Hey maybe the Walkers and the Dragons would live in peace and harmony forever. I’d read that spin-off, just saying.

3. None Of The Prophecies Pan Out
Remember all those prophecies from the first books/seasons? Yeah, imagine none of them actually came to be. Like the one where Cersei was given a prophecy from Maggy. On the show, this prophecy was cut short, but in the books it goes like this: “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” Valonqar meaning “younger sibling”, which could mean it’s either Jaime or Tyrion. Or someone else completely! It’s currently one of the biggest theories out there, and would be such a shame if anything happened to this prophecy. Would certainly suck if all this buildup was for naught.

4. Daenerys And Jon Snow Hook Up and Live Happily Ever After
Just writing that made me throw up in my mouth a little. Think of all the lives this cursed book has taken, and in the end we’re getting a Disney finish? Uuugh! I would really hate that. After killing Cersei, all the White Walkers, maybe some undead Dragons even, “getting a happily ever after” would be a huge slap in the face of the fans. At least I think so.

5. Bran Uses His Ability To Make None Of It Happen
Bran is now such a wild card, I would not be surprised if this is how the saga would end. I mean, at first he’s just a nuisance, then he’s a burden, then he’s a freaking greenseeing warg, and now he can change past events too? Who the hell is this little twerp? Now imagine if everything that happened during these years was nothing but Bran’s twisted dream. The biggest F U any movie or TV show could give its audience is the “it was all a dream” cliché. Although, if I were Bran, and could change the past, I’d never climb that stupid wall! Maybe that wouldn’t keep the Dany’s conquest, or Cersei’s schemes, but at least my dad would be alive.