11 Strangest Demands Celebrities Made Behind The Scenes


When you’re rich and famous, you get used to a certain lifestyle and always getting everything you need in an instant. Here are top 11 strangest demands celebs made behind the scenes.



1. Rihanna
For some reason Rihanna loves ”Archipelago Black Forest Candles”, and only them. If for some reason the promoter couldn’t find any, he’d need to ask Rihanna’s personal assistants what other brand she’d prefer.



2. Carrot Top
He always requests a picture to be painted or drawn, just to see if the staff actually reads his riders. And if he gets the goods, there’s something special waiting for the artist.

3. Jennifer Lawrence
While shooting “Mother!” Lawrence demanded that the crew build her a “happy place”, which was a tent with posters, gumballs and the Kardashians playing on the loop.



4. Tom Cruise
While shooting “War of the Worlds” Cruise somehow convinced the crew to prepare for him a Scientology tent with all the required staff.

5. Sean Connery
Sean Connery demanded that his name was 25% bigger, compared to the rest of the cast, on all the James Bond posters!



6. Samuel L. Jackson
If you can’t let Samuel L. Jackson play golf twice a week, don’t even bother hiring him.

7. Pharrell Williams
This dude loves Carl Sagan, so, as a joke, his crew used to leave a framed pic of the scientist, but recently it became a staple in Pharrell’s rider.



8. Ben Affleck
Ben’s such a devoted Red Sox fan, that he refuses to wear anything that has a Yankees logo on it. Can you blame him?

9. Christina Aguilera
Sweet Christina hates tardiness, even if it’s caused by traffic jams. She will not tolerate it and will get you fired on the spot for being late.



10. Adele
Such a strange lady this Adele… While touring the North America, she forbade her assistants from getting her beer made in the US.

11. Grimes
Grimes just loves playing with pupperinos and other pets! One time she requested a Pekingese, a Pug, a Bulldog, a French Bulldog… and a chinchilla to be awaiting her backstage.