Top 9 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World


You may think that you have a crappy job sitting in a cubicle all day, and yes, it’s pretty bad, you have no idea what some other people go through during their workday. At any moment, then can get hurt or even die! How’s that for a bad case of Mondays?

Here are the top 9 most dangerous jobs in the world.

1. Arborists

Arborists deal with heights and chainsaws all day every day. And that’s not a very safe combination. According to 2017 data, 72 of the 129 incidents were fatal.

2. Miners

On average, 50-60 miners die during work each year. This is due to landslides and explosions during coal mining, as well as carbon monoxide and methane poisoning.

3. Firefighters

Despite the fact that all firefighters are thoroughly trained and literally went through fire and flames, the risk of various injuries and death is still very high.

4. High-Rise Window Washers

You can see how this job could be deadly. You’re up there all alone in a small dingy, suspended hundreds of feet in the air. All that because some jerk doesn’t like having dirty windows.

5. Live Line Electricians

Did you know that most of the work on high-voltage lines is done with bare hands? Who would agree to that? That’s precisely why we can’t take these professionals and what they do for granted.

6. Bomb Disposal Experts

Between 1996 and 2002, more than 500 people died during minesweeping operations. That is 500 too many.

7. Oil Drilling

This profession is not for everyone because twelve hours a day, you get to deal with extremely dangerous materials that are highly combustible. Besides, drillers practically work and live far away from civilization, hundreds of miles from the nearest coast.

8. Coast Guard and Rescue Service

It’s understandable that when dealing with the unpredictable water element, rescuers run the risk of not returning home. And then some of them get sued for touching the drowning person without their consent. Indeed, a dream job!

9. High Seas Fishing

This job has the highest mortality rate. Catching bluefin tuna is the only way to earn money for some fishermen. However, this profession is extremely hazardous not only due to the weather conditions but also the fierce competition among fishermen.