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Top 9 Celebrity Death Conspiracy Theories


Everyone wants to know more about his/her favorite celebrities and some of these facts will be your food for thought…

1. Brittany Murphy

The Sin City star was really beautiful and popular. Her tragic death made for a lot of questions.
At the beginning everyone thought that she’s died from a combination of pneumonia and anemia and as a result she had a heart attack. Tabloids were talking about her drug addiction, but her family denied everything, saying that was a lie. Lately independent experts found that her death was unnatural and someone had some reasons to kill her. The amount of heavy metals in her blood was 10 times higher than normal. When her mother found her dead in the shower, there were no chance to bring her back to life. Many people believe that she was poisoned. She was defending her husband and she was talking to the media about government over immigration failings.
Somebody believes that the government tried to shut her up, that’s why they killed her. Probably to show other people why they have to be quiet.

2. Paul Walker

This amazing Fast & Furious star will always live in our hearts. It’s hard to watch this movie after realizing that he’s dead. His horrible car crash made everyone shed a tear. Paul lost control of the vehicle and his car crashed into a tree. He and his friend burned to death in his Porsche.
There is a theory that the car was defective and guys couldn’t get out.
But not everyone knows that Paul Walker was a volunteer and he helped to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Conspiracy theorists believe that a person like him couldn’t die in broad daylight in L.A. and someone stands behind his murder. According to this theory, Paul Walker discovered a horrible secret about Typhon Haiyan. It was all about a prototype permanent birth control drug. The gov wanted to put this drug in medical supplies and food.
The second theory says that he found some information about money laundering in the Philippines disaster. Who knows…
We won’t take into consideration the Illuminati theory, because in this case it makes no sense.
On the other hand Paul Walker was a good driver, he was a stuntman, and his ridiculous car crash made people ask questions: How the hell did it happen?

3. Robin Williams

This brilliant actor was one of the most positive persons in the world. His death was the most sorrowful thing ever. Robin Williams was the most beloved star, and definitely one of the most openhearted celebs in Hollywood. We can talk about him for hours. In recent news his wife said that he was suffering from Lewy Body Dementia. This brain illness has nothing in common with depression, because he was not depressed so much. The actor had insane hallucinations and perhaps the suicide was the only way out. Nobody can blame him or judge him, because we don’t really know what was on his mind. Some people connect it with ‘Illuminati’ and that’s really strange.
The Family Guy show predicted his death, but how could it be possible?

4. Bob Marley

Bob Marley was the most influential Rastafarian in the world. His music was his biggest power, he was talking to people through his music and was spreading his messages of love and unity. He was the first independent Jamaican rebel-millionaire from the slums. Sounds crazy, right?
He was a leader, and his murder was planned. The first murder attempt happened in 1976 before his ‘Smile Jamaica’ performance. Lucky for us he and his family survived, but goons who attacked his house, have never been found. And they were not actually goons, or local thugs, they were undercover CIA agents. People who talk about unity, love, police brutality, corruption are nothing but easy targets for the government and secret organization. Different political groups had their own plans about Jamaica, and they didn’t want Bob Marley ruin their cruel intentions. 20 years later and there are still a lot of questions about his tragic death.
After one of his performances he received a strange gift, the CIA sent him a pair of shoes. He decided to try them on and felt some pain. After inspecting a shoe he found the wire in the toe part of the shoe, an independent expertize found toxins on it. A few months later doctors
discovered Marley’s fatal cancer. Someone really wanted to kill him.
The greatest reggae artist passed away on May 11, 1981. No one believes his death was natural.
His lifestyle, his music, songs against regime, smoking trees, and his influence on people unfortunately played a bad trick with him. Are there any traces of Illuminati behind his murder? It’s still a mystery.

5. Kurt Cobain

One of the most popular musicians shot himself in the head, really?
Different underground movements believe that he was connected to the Secret Society. They wanted to use his music for mind control. And he was not excited about this silly idea.
He was a true artist and his music was the expression of his thoughts and feelings.
When Illuminati figured out that Kurt can’t be controlled they decided to eliminate him.
Kurt Cobain never mentioned his relationship with Illuminati, but he was talking about people who control everything and nobody knows it. He was an independent rebel and he wanted to walk his own way. Every celebrity death can be related to Illuminati, but this one was long time ago before the era of Internet trolls and insane kitchen-made conspiracy theorists.

6. Amy Winehouse

Amy was that kind of a singer with a very rare voice and an outstanding talent. It’s not a secret that she was taking drugs, and her addictions finally killed her. Believe it or not, some conspiracy theorists associate her death with that strange sculpture that was dedicated to her which was made 3 years earlier. (A blood sacrifice art sculpture). Young Amy Winehouse was found dead in her house and it was too late to save her life. Maybe alcohol poisoning was just a way for someone to hide a terrible murder. In this case it makes sense, because her sculpture predicted almost everything what happened to her. On the other side, her life wasn’t easy and she was looking for a way to take her pain away. Who knows, we can only guess why she passed away so early, but evil spirits that took over her soul did their job.

7. Whitney Houston

Diva is the only word to describe Whitney Houston. She was not just a one hit wonder, she was making soul-touching songs for years. Whitney was on top of the world. Many people consider that all successful entertainers are pledged allegiance to the devil or some super powerful groups of people who control everything. Just like many other pop stars she was drowning in drugs and alcohol, but at the same time she was trying to get back to a normal life.
She died from an overdose, so nobody was really surprised to hear that. But after her death, a lot of candidates would like to take her place in the music industry, it’s easy to chase a few famous names who might have stood behind her death. A lot of theorists believe that Illuminati sacrificed her for their bloody ritual.

8. James Dean

This young heartthrob was addicted to fast cars and women. It’s hard to say for sure what really killed him, the first thing or the second one. People say that he kept an evil spirit around him.
He was ignoring all the rules and he was living on the fast lane. Many people think that he was related to black magic, occult powers and witches. Some strange things have always been happening around him. Theorists say that his car was cursed, and everything that happened was supposed to be happen. James Dean was the speed racer. That day everyone warned him about his fast ride, but he was joking around and ignored all those warnings. His friend Hickman told him to slow down, but young and reckless James Dean was his own boss. Here’s one more interesting detail to discover, one Hollywood actress fell in love with him, well, James was not one woman man. People say she placed an evil spell on him, the curse was the result of her revenge.
Still there are a lot of witnesses who see a ghost of James Dean speeding down the highway to hell.

9. Tupac Shakur

The West Coast hip-hop king predicted his own death and even more. People can’t forget him and different theories continue to appear every single day. After the Mike Tyson – Bruce Seldon match Tupac and Suge Knight were rolling to the club, his bodyguards were in other cars. On their way to the spot some unknown gang members gunned him down. A murder of the century is still unexplained just like the killing of Kennedy. Ridiculous, right?
Tupac Shakur wasn’t only a gangsta rapper, thug, actor or typical entertainer. A lot of his rebel songs contain a lot of true messages, he was the voice of his generation and every influential person. He was one of those people who wanted to change America for the better.
Nobody will be surprised to see the government standing behind his assassination. So, one of the conspiracy theories says that secret agencies did their dirty job and killed him. He was talking too much about real problems in his songs.
Someone says that he faked his death and live on some tropical islands.
A song from his album the Don Killuminati: The 7 Days Theory has a few interesting lines: “I heard rumors that I died murdered in cold blood, traumatized pictures of me in my final states — you know mama cried. But that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted.”
Everyone wants to know whether he’s alive or dead and where he is now.
The third theory says that Suge Knight paid The Crips to kill 2Pac, Pac was the best artist on Death Row Records, and probably he wanted to leave his label and go on without them. If Suge paid for Tupac’s killing then he gets royalties from his albums forever.
And one more theory, do you remember East Coast VS West Coast beef? Sean Combs had some reasons to kill 2Pac, and of course the beef between Notorious BIG and 2Pac. First they were friends then became enemies. We can’t blame Biggie, he died a year after, but what about Puffy? Exactly!
The death of 2Pac has too many conspiracy theories, but which one is a fake?