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These Wooden Bookshelf Inserts Are The Thing You Need


Bookshelf inserts are usually pretty boring. I mean, they’re just there to fill the space between books, right? It’s not like they have an actual purpose, so we don’t expect them to be exciting. That might change because of these amazing diorama bookshelf inserts though.


They’re made by Monde , a designer based in – where else? – Tokyo. He turned his inserts into small, wooden dioramas that appear as if you’re staring into a world “beyond the bookcase”, so to speak. They’re replicas of the back alleys you’ll typically find in Japan, and you can have them inside of your own house!

The back alleys even have small lights so they can emulate the usually poor lighting in these back alleys. It almost looks as if that alley has just as much stories to tell as the books it’s standing between. It has a certain sense of wonder to it that really turns these usually boring items into real eye-catchers that’ll be sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Monde spent a lot of time perfecting his design, but it’s safe to say that the results are nothing short of marvelous. He received a lot of positive attention for his work and is even allowing people to buy them if they order through a DM on Twitter . They’ll probably cost you an arm and a leg in shipping and import taxes, but they seem like they’re worth it!