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The Most Important People Of The Twentieth Century



It never hurts to look back at our recent history and try to say exactly which people shaped it the most. Whether it be good or bad, some people have had an impact on the world and how we see it today. It’s almost impossible to imagine our current world without taking into account what the actions of these few individuals have done to shape it.


Without further ado, let’s dive right into some of the most important people of the last century – for better or for worse.



Albert Einstein
It’s hard to imagine what point science would be at if it weren’t for the insights that Albert Einstein gave us. Not only did he help shape the world, he also helped shape how we view the world and understand the processes that happen on its surface on a daily basis.


Nelson Mandela
Fighting the apartheid regime in South Africa is always a good thing. He probably singlehandedly ended one of the worst atrocities to happen to the African continent, which is reason enough to put him on this list.



Winston Churchill
The man who is most known for standing up to Germany during World War II, Churchill will always be remember for his bravery and his no-nonsense attitude.


Pablo Picasso
One of the most influential painters to ever grace our planet. He founded cubism and created a new style of art that was never seen before him and hasn’t quite been done in the same way by anyone else.


Mahatma Gandhi
Where the 20th century was one filled with violence and war, Gandhi was the person that made a mark by renouncing violence and being the most known peaceful protester that we’ve ever seen.



Alexander Fleming
Yay for penicillin, right? Just imagine having a disease we today consider to be “only a cold”, but not being able to rely on the medicine that Fleming helped create. We’d all suffer, a lot. He didn’t win the Nobel Prize for no reason.


Princess Diana
The untimely death of a member of the royal family is always a shock, but the way Diana died surely shocked everyone around the world. She was already one of the most influential people alive when she lived, but her death truly made her immortal.



Walt Disney
Let’s face it: half the stuff we’re watching on TV right now was either made by Walt or is currently owned by his company. He changed the entertainment industry on his own, and his legacy is being kept very much alive by the course the company is running.