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Russia Has Started A Full Scale War Against Ukraine

Russia started a war with Ukraine in 2014 by occupying Crimea and parts of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. The world called this “a conflict in the East”, “a situation”, anything other than what it really was. But on the 24th of February 2022 everything changed. Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine. I was woken up on the 24th of Feb by a call from my father, his first words were “the war started”.

In the past 5 days, Russia has launched rockets at our airports, military stations, bridges, and other important infrastructure. Their missiles are hitting our residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and kindergartens, killing people and kids. People across the country are hiding in their basements and in the metro. Women and children are trying to flee to Poland, Hungary, any neighboring country in the West. There’s traffic everywhere and people have been stranded in cars and trains for days, out in the middle of the road, in the open, seeing and hearing explosions and shots fired. 

But Ukrainians are not giving up. The Ukrainian Army is doing their best to protect our people, our country, our sovereign land. They fight until the end. Ukrainian border guards at Zmiinyi Island were contacted by a Russian warship and told that if they don’t surrender they will be hit. They did not surrender, they replied “Russia warship, go f*** yourself”. 

Kyiv, Ukraine
Residential building in Kyiv hit by russian missile

Civilians are signing up to defend their homeland. People are being handed out weapons. Those who don’t have weapons are making Molotov cocktails at home and throwing them at Russian tanks and military transport. People in cities, towns and villages are literally walking towards Russian tanks with bare hands and standing in the way not to let them through. Civilians are uniting to protect their homes and capture saboteurs and Russian soldiers. 

Ukrainian people in Kyiv hitting russian tanks with home made molotov cocktails
Ukrainians trying to stop russian tanks with bare hands

Ukrainian patriots in the occupied cities fearlessly assemble next to government buildings to protest against the Russian puppets that are currently in control. They sing the national anthem, demand that the Russian soldiers go back where they came from, and inform the occupants that “Putin is a c*nt”.

Ukrainians singing the Ukrainian anthem next to a building occupied by russians

Elsewhere, spry and savvy villagers intimidate Russian soldiers and tow their abandoned tanks to the front yards of their buildings.

Ukraine, Ukrainian tractor towing a stolen russian tank

The Ukrainian spirit remains unbroken. The words of our national anthem serve as an encouraging chant, as a motto — as a prophecy coming true in real-time:

Ukraine has not died yet

Not its glory, nor its will

Fate shall smile upon us, Ukrainian brothers

Our enemies shall perish, like dew in the sun

Ukrainian brothers, we will rule our own land

We will lay down our body and soul for our freedom

And we will demonstrate that we are brothers of the Kozak lineage!

Here you can see a Ukrainian playing the anthem on his trumpet as explosions sound in the background.

Russian state channels do not report losses, explicitly say that everything is going well end there are no losses, but Ukrainians believe that the Russians deserves to know the truth. We make the stats public so that Russians can know the truth. 

Stats of Russian losses for Feb 28th at 6 AM:

  • Russian soldiers – 5300 (and counting)
  • Planes – 29
  • Tanks – 191
  • Armored combat vehicles – 816
  • Canonry – 74
  • Buk missile system – 1
  • BM-21 Grad – 21
  • Vehicles – 291
  • Cisterns – 60
  • Military Drones – 3
  • Ships – 2
  • Air defense equipment – 5 

Russians who surrendered or were taken hostage are being treated humanely. They are allowed to call their families. They are given medical help if needed. 

Donate to the Ukrainian Army here and here . It’s literally the only thing standing between Russia and Europe.