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QueenOfLuna is the Ultimate Instagram Cosplayer


Cosplaying has become pretty common in our modern society, where gaming conventions and stuff like comic con aren’t just “for nerds” anymore. It’s a nice chance of pace from the olden days, where being a nerd meant you were probably better off not mentioning the things you like or love to most other people.

And with cosplaying becoming more and more normal, we’re seeing an increasing amount of people who turn this into a true art form. One of those people is QueenOfLuna. Her instagram page features dozens of pictures of her cosplaying as a wide variety of characters. While most of them are – obviously – Disney characters, she has a wide range of cosplays and even attempts a neat female Joker. The Joacquin Phoenix version, ofcourse.

The pictures make it very apparent that Luna spends insane amounts of time trying to match these characters as best as she can. The thing that makes her so unique is that because of the fact that she is a Muslim, she has to wear a hijab. You can imagine this would make cosplaying pretty much impossible for most people, but Luna decided to adapt her hijab to the character she’s cosplaying, essentially turning it into hair. This is a nice, subtle detail that you honestly don’t even notice most of the time.

If there’s anything we all need to take away from this, it’s that entertainment and pop culture don’t care what religion you are. Everyone can enjoy whatever he or she pleases and there’s no reason to exclude people from certain aspects of society. I think 2020 might be a nice year to start acting like this in all parts of our society. If people want to be a part of our culture (and let’s be honest, it’s not like our culture is anything close to perfect), let them. Live and let live. Be like Luna.