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Modern people can’t imagine their lives without cell phones. First thing when you wake up, you do what? – you take your cell phone to check it out. When you eat, sleep, hanging out with your friends you just can’t throw your phone away. The only case when you forget about it is when you having sex or taking a bath. For real, man!

Teens can’t talk to their parents without staring at their cell phones. It’s like you are everywhere but actually you are nowhere. People live in this freek’en virtual world and forget about simple things.
Every time when you chill with your friends someone’s always chatting and texting and sexting and all those annoying things. People are addicted to their cell phones, they have nothing to talk about, but show each other their latest Instagram posts.

Do you know what? That’s crazy.
Famous New York photographer Eric Pickersgill couldn’t stay away from this problem. Everybody on their phones. People are ignoring things that are happening around like they are locked in their own world and nothing is bothering them. So he created his “Removed’ project.
His photo series shows what people really look like without their cell phones. People with empty hands look weird, but this is just the way to show how lonely they are.

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