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People Thought This 22-year-old Was Dating A Young Girl But The Reality Was So Much Weirder!


Meet Liu Yelin, she’s a Chinese mother who is 50 years old, but looks younger than anyone of that age. How is that possible? Well, she has a few secrets of her own and we are about to unveil them. Right now Liu Yelin is 49, but looks no more than 25. When she goes shopping or walks with her 22-year-old son, most people think she’s her son’s girlfriend. And she looks the part! So what’s her secret?



Liu Yelin has no wrinkles whatsoever and rocks a body of a supermodel. She told Mail Online that people never believed her real age was almost 50. It was too shocking for them!



If you think she looks young now – how about when Liu Yelin was in her 20s? She used to be unbearably sweet with hints of the mature beauty that was to bloom later.

It’s hard to blame all those people who thought she was dating her son. She looks superb! Liu Yelin was asked about her gorgeous looks and she easily revealed her secret. For the past 30 years, she’s been doing weight training everyday as well as swimming in the lake all year round.

So if you want to be as fit as Liu Yelin, you need to do some pretty serious exercising – everyday! Right now, she has more than 75k followers on Weibo and that number is growing as we speak. She’s such a big inspiration for everyone!



People always ask for passport as proof of her age. No wonder! It’s hard to believe she’s almost 50 when she rocks such smooth skin. It looks simply flawless!

The key is to love life and have as much fun as possible. Being almost 50, Liu Yelin is as active as she was 30 years ago and spends most of her time outdoors.

Now Liu wants to travel the world and see as many countries as possible. She continues to live by her motto, inspiring millions of people all across the globe.