Is There Anyone Princegutz Can’t Cosplay As? (15 Fantastic Pics)


Are you into cosplay? Not very much, huh? Well, how about I throw in a handsome, buff man named Alessio Chiarini aka Princegutz, who just loves to cosplay?

So, who’s this Alessio guy? According to his Instagram page he’s into modeling, fitness (obviously), online coaching, acting, and, naturally, wearing ridiculous costumes to various conventions.


Let’s see what this hunk has to offer in the cosplay department!



Oh, Peter Parker? Nice start!



This is where he probably got his name from – Guts from Berserk.



He’s blue but you’d still hit that, wouldn’t you?

It’s Morphin’ time!



Look at this sexy version of Connor from Detroit.

How about Dragon Ball heroes?



Beast Boy from Teen Titans!



Without looking in the description, I’d say this is Bakugo from My Hero Academia.

Someone called a plumber? It’s a-me Mario!



Hang in there, Jake!

Ma-an I look pretty!



And how do you like this this version of Darth Maul?



He looks just like a real-life Crash Bandicoot!

A gender-bent Corpse Bride Emily? Cool!



And the grand finale goes to Ezio Auditore from Florence.