Chanko-Chan – a Real Life “Rapunzel” in the Making!


As a general rule of thumb little babies are cute and giggly creatures. We are used to the fact that toddlers are bald or have very thin hair. But, occasionally, a child is born with such an incredible set of hair, that everyone can’t help but fall in love with them. Case in point, there’s a six-month-old Chanko-chan from Japan, who won the Internet with her unusually thick and long hair.

Chanko was already born with thick dark hair on her head. But with every passing day it just keeps on growing like crazy! Now this little “Rapunzel” has over 70 thousand followers on social media, and her parents love sharing the photos of her on Instagram.



1. Say hello to Chanko!



2. This is how she looked not long after her birth.



3. And this is her now.

4. This view from the back makes her look like the Marvel villain MODOK.



5. Ain’t she just the most adorable hairy baby ever?

6. That hair will one day conquer the world!



7. Maybe it is a lion’s mane?

8. This is 4-month old Chanko.



9. Five months and counting.



10. Super cute 6-month-old Japanese Rapunzel.

11. Or super cute Japanese Sleeping Beauty?



12. Isn’t she adorable?



13. Yummy!

14. Best part about this is that Chanko doesn’t even know she’s so popular.



15. Hopefully her parents will soon tell her about how special she is.