8 Weird Facts About Coffee


Once we reach a certain point in life, we stop functioning without a proper intake of coffee. No one thinks it tastes particularly good, but we still drink tons of it because the caffeine in it keeps us going. We just keep doing it and never question this nectar of the Gods that has been given to us.

That said, there’s still a few things you and I could learn about coffee. Let’s dive deep into the freshly ground beans of weirdness and find out what coffee has to offer for us.

Only Oil is Traded More

Nope, I didn’t make that up or make a typo. Apart from crude oil, coffee (and more specifically coffee beans) is the most traded substance in the world.

Cream Makes Coffee Stay Warm Longer

In fact, coffee stays warm up to 20% longer if you add cream to it. That’s a pretty significant amount, isn’t it?

Mecca Banned Coffee

The city of Mecca banned coffee back in the 16th century because they claimed it promoted radical thinking.

We Spend a Fortune on Coffee

We all think the newest smartphones are expensive, but research claims that the average American spends an average of almost $1100 per year on coffee. That’s almost $20 per week, for those of you that are keeping count.

There’s Coffee Made of Cat Poop

I mean, not literally, but the concept is that the “Kopi Luwak” coffee is made from beans that were eaten and then digested and pooped out by cats. I guess it is literally cat poop. I lied.

It Used to be Grounds For Divorce

Even better : women in ancient Arab culture were only allowed to divorce their man if his coffee turned out to be so bad they couldn’t stomach drinking it. To be fair, that’s a pretty good reason for a divorce.

Only One American State Grows Coffee

Coffee beans can only grow in Hawaii, making it the only state where coffee doesn’t need to be imported.

Europe Loves Coffee The Most

Europe is responsible for the biggest import of coffee, while Brazil is responsible for the biggest export. Europe even imports more coffee than the United States do, which is saying a lot considering how much they spend on coffee on average.