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30 Photos Of Young World Leaders


You’ve seen their names in the papers, news articles, TOP 10 lists, and even history books! These 30 world leaders have truly earned their fame (or infamy), but today you’ll be able to relate more to them, as you’ll see these legendary figures in a whole new light. Take a rare glimpse at the leaders from around the world. It’s really strange to see these people, who shaped the world we live in now, as teenagers playing baseball, or just smoking joints (looking at you, Obama!). Let’s roll!



1. Young Margaret Thatcher aka ‘The Iron Lady’, the former Prime Minister of the UK



2. Young Bill Clinton shaking hands with president John F. Kennedy in the rose garden of the White House. July 24, 1963



3. George W. Bush in baseball garb at Yale University, CA, 1964-68



4. Young Nelson Mandela in 1961



5. Pope John Paul II shaving

6. Pope Francis as a young boy



7. Portrait of Fidel Castro in New York in 1955



8. King Salman of Saudi Arabia at 19, in 1954



9. John F. Kennedy at age 10, 1927



10. Young Barack Obama smoking a joint

11. Thin Hugo Chavez in military academy



12. Young Adolf Hitler



13. Kim Jong-Il with his father, Kim Il-Sung, and his mother, Kim Jong-Suk, 1945



14. Joseph Stalin as a young man, 1902



15. Richard Nixon as a member of a college football squad, ca, 1930s

16. Vladimir Putin as a teenager, 1966



17. A young Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister (bottom left) with his family in 1956



18. Young Donald Trump in New York’s military academy



19. Mahatma Gandhi in 1887 as a law student



20. Karol Wojtyla, before he was Pope John Paul II

21. Young Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq



22. Bashar al-Assad as a kid, now the president of Syria



23. Young Dalai Lama



24. Young, and quite sexy, Hillary Clinton around 1969



25. Eighteen-year-old Princess Elizabeth of England, 1945

26. Young Nicolae Ceaușescu, the general secretary of the Romanian communist party



27. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1972, shaking hands with president Zalman Shazar during his time in the Israeli defense forces



28. Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in the early 1970s



29. Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff in 1970 when she was part of the guerrilla movement



30. Angela Merkel prepares a meal on a campfire in July 1973