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16 Incredibly Satisfying Food GIFs


Are you ready to hear your tummy roar? No? Then don’t scroll any further, and get yourself something to eat, because some of these GIFs will definitely make you hungry.



1. I’d hate to sound like Homer Simpson here, but… Mmmm, donuts!
incredibly-satisfying-food-gifs (1)



2. There’s something magical about this viscous chocolate.
incredibly-satisfying-food-gifs (2)



3. It’s no chef, but even a well-programmed machine can turn a boring cake into real masterpiece!

4. Who’s up for some home-made pizza?



5. French cake decorating deserves a post of its own, but for now, this is is what you get.

6. Mm, that jam sprinkle… You feeling the hunger already, don’t you?
incredibly-satisfying-food-gifs (6)



7. I love me a perfectly looped GIF in the morning.
incredibly-satisfying-food-gifs (7)



8. So that’s how the chips get their form? Cool.

9. I would kill for this pancake machine.



10. Always thought that fortune cookies were hand-made…

11. Need to peel an apple? This thing will do it for you!



12. This pasta needs some sauce, stat!



13. No idea what this is, but it’s something yummy that’s for sure.

14. Look, more pasta!



15. Oh yeah, slice those bacon strips.



16. Holy hell, this is awesome!



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