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10 Things Ivanka Trump Never Thought You’d Know About Her!


What do you really know about the First Daughter? Is… is that what you call a President’s daughter? It is now! So what do you know about Ivanka Trump? Except for the part that her dad is Donald Trump and she’s rich AF? Well, turns out there’s more to her, than meets the eye. Let’s check out 10 things about Ivanka you probably didn’t know.



1. She doesn’t always agrees with her dad.
Yes disagreeing with Mr. Trump isn’t something unusual. I mean, like half of the US does it on a daily basis, not to mention the rest of the world. But for his actual daughter to voice their opposition so clearly? She must have some balls on her! Ivanka often pointed out how flamboyant and offensive some of her dad’s speeches were, but it’s very clear that she still loves the old buffoon, showing us it’s possible to disagree with someone and still respect them.



2. She didn’t vote in 2016!
Before you scream “traitor!” or “atta girl!”, Ivanka Trump was not able to register in time to vote in the 2016 election, but the fact still remains – the US president’s daughter didn’t vote for her dad (or against him).

3. She’s a TV celebrity.
Do you watch Gossip Girl? Because that’s where you could’ve seen Ivanka, appearing briefly, but still leaving her imprint, since she was taller than the rest of the cast. Actually Ivanka is pretty freaking tall!



4. And a runway model.
Aside from dabbling in TV shows (or one TV show), she runs her own fashion line. Not only that, she also likes to hit that runway once in a while. Just like that she’s got a contract with the popular fashion line Versace, known for their shoes and purses.

5. Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton are good friends.
While their parents are like oil and water, the daughters are having the best time in the world, it seems! Ivanka and Chelsea had been friends, since the day their parents introduced them, many years ago. I don’t know what’s been going on with that friendship since the election, but I hope they’re still tight.



6. She was going to guest star in “The Bachelorette”
You may’ve seen Ivanka on her father’s show “The Apprentice,” but I bet you had no idea she turned down an offer to appear on “The Bachelorette”! And rightfully so, since at that time her career was much more important to her.

7. She’s Jewish.
Many of you are probably scratching your heads thinking “How can she be Jewish, when Donald Trump isn’t?”. And to you I say, religion is like gloves: you pick and choose until you’re comfortable with what you got. Just like that, after marrying Jared Kushner, Ivanka converted to Judaism, since Jared is actually an Orthodox Jew.

8. This is Ivanka before cosmetic surgeries.
It’s like she’s a completely different person! She didn’t look too bad actually, but hey, when your pops’s got them dolla bills, you can do whatever the hell you want with your face!



9. She and her father have a weird relationship.
Remember that time Trump said he’d totally be dating Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter? Yeaaah… That shit’s weird. I can’t even imagine how she felt after hearing that.

10. There’s something going on between her and Justin Trudeau
You can’t deny that there’s some strong-ass chemistry between these two. What’s going on here? Apart from the fact that she’s married with children, and he’s probably also taken, I don’t see why this romance wouldn’t work. I wish my cats looked at me like that, though…