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10 of the Dirtiest Seas in the World

Who doesn’t love a nice, chill vacation by the seaside? The clean, blue water is so relaxing. But what if I told you that the “clean blue water” that you see isn’t the full picture? What if I told you that some of the world’s top tourist locations are actually the coasts of some of the dirtiest seas in the world? Here are the 10 dirtiest seas in the world!

Black Sea

I mean, it was called the “Black Sea” well before we started discovering how dirty it actually is, but the name fits. It’s far from a serious ecological catastrophe, but it’s close! The sea receives a lot of water from various rivers, and each “source” of new water brings with it pollutants, plastics, and toxic waste from all the cities that the rivers travel near. The coasts of Crimea and Turkey might be prime tourist locations, but the sea itself, on the whole, is extremely dirty.

Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the warmest seas in the world. That’s great for tourists who love to swim in the sea, but it’s also the cause of tremendous amounts of water evaporation. So, with so much water being regularly evaporated from the sea, the concentrations of toxins and pollutants in the water keeps on growing. The amount of edible fish in the sea has dropped 70%, but it seems like all the fish are being replaced by tourists who are attracted to the comfortably warm waters.

Sea of Japan (East Sea)

The East Sea is victim to the insane amounts of trading ships that travel across it. Because of all the gasoline used (and expelled) by these ships, the level of exhaust pollution in the Sea of Japan is 10 times more than the accepted norm.

Baltic Sea

Here’s the thing – over 500 tonnes of chemical, nuclear, and other kinds of bombs are lost in the depths of the Baltic Sea. As time goes on, the shells of these weapons tend to erode and rust, and this results in the leaks of many toxic chemicals. That’s why the Baltic Sea is one of the dirtiest seas in the world.

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