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Wanna See Some Freaky Doppelgangers In The Museums? (20 Pictures)


I’m not even going to sugarcoat it: what you’re about to see is incredibly weird (to me at least). Imagine someone says that they saw YOU on one of the paintings in the museum. Naturally, you think they’re crazy and it’s impossible, right? You’ve never even been near a museum. Then just out of curiosity, you go there, and BOOM! There goes your mind. Blown into smithereens. Who’s that dude in the portrait? Is he like your great great great great grandfather, or a clone from the past? It’s so weird, isn’t it? Come on, you gotta admit you’d be freaked out too.


There’s a guy who looks exactly like a white, bearded samurai, and this little boy looking like a neanderthal kid, heck, there’s even a Weird Al Yankovic lookalike!


Well, either way there are more of our doppelgangers out there! I don’t know if it’s a freaky coincidence, or if this means our gene pool has reached its limit a few centuries ago, but I know one thing for sure – it’s creepy as all hell! So, uhm, you wanna see some doppelgangers? I can hook you up, but you won’t be able to unsee this. Okay? Let’s go to the museum!