11 Gender-Swapped Disney Characters (by Sakimi Chan)


Have you ever though why are there so many Disney princesses yet so few princes? What if Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” was a guy? What if Hades from “Hercules” was a woman? Elsa and Ann from the “Frozen”? More like Els and Frank! Here are some of the most amazing pieces of gender-swapped Disney fan art by a remarkable artist Sakimi Chan from Deviant Art.



Naturally, Sakimi Chan has way more than just some Disney-related masterpieces in her DA gallery. With those skills, I’m not surprised. You should definitely check out more of her artwork if you can.



Anyway, here are some amazing gender-swapped Disney characters for you!



Do you remember Cruella de Vil and her, or rather “his”, love for dalmatian fur? I bet he’d still be rocking that coat like a boss!



Indians, pet raccoons, talking trees and a male Pocahontas. This time he’s serious. Wouldn’t stand between this guy and… whatever that Disney movie was about.

The aforementioned Ariel’s twin brother. Under the sea and, apparently, under the belt everyone’s equal.



And how do you like Ursula the Sea Witch? Not so scary anymore, right?

If Elsa were into emo music and pirates. Could also be a One Piece fan, though.



Meet Jackie Frost, the frozen girl. No, not the “Frozen” girl, the actual frozen girl.

This badass version of Maleficent is obviously into some kinky stuff. Leather? Horns? Hey, we don’t judge.



Esmeralda, the most handsome of the Gypsies! I wonder what the female Quasimodo would look like.

Get your head out of the fanfic, you guys, they’re just brothers – I mean sisters!



Alex in Wonderland? Sure, why not?

The hottest Hades out there. Hercules wouldn’t stand a chance against this beauty.



Last but not least – a female Genie from “Aladdin”. So many hands, only 3 wishes…