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10 Historical Figures and Events Reimagined by the “Game of Thrones”

The world of “The Game of Thrones” is incredibly similar to the medieval Europe. Here you’ll also find the struggle for throne domination, political intrigues, insidiousness, and human cruelty. So, it’s not a big surprise that many of the characters of George RR Martin’s epic novels have real historical prototypes, many of which were the actual kings of England and France. Who are the most ruthless and bloodthirsty rulers — the real life or a messed up fantasy world? Let’s see and compare!

Did You Know These 10 Celebrities Used To Be Child Actors?

If there’s one thing we know about child actors it’s that most of the time they suck. There are, however, instances when those kids actually know what they’re doing and can act accordingly, without looking like dead tree stumps. And so these lucky and/or talented few will most likely have a bright future and amazing careers. But sometimes we forget that the all-grown-up actors we know and love today also started out small, and usually as child actors. Granted, you’ve heard about big names like Leo DiCaprio, and the Olsen twins starting off as rug rats, but the following 10 celebs will surely surprise you!

25 Real-Life Cartoon Lookalikes

What if I told you that a lot of your most and least favorite cartoon characters exist in real life? Yeah, you heard me right. You like Cartman from South Park? There’s a guy who looks just like him! Mrs Potato Head – that’s Nicky Minaj! In fact, it’s kinda freaky that so many people (and some animals) have this uncanny visual resemblance to some random characters that popped up in someone’s imagination. The question is: is there or will there be a cartoon character that looks like you?