8 Drunkest Countries In The World


Well, we all like the occasional drink, don’t we? But what do we consider “occasional” drinking, and when have we drank enough? It probably won’t be a big surprise that this can vary greatly from country to country.

Thanks to science, we can actually measure how drunk each country is, on average. We just take the liters of alcohol each inhabitant consumes per year. Also, we are talking about pure alcohol here – not “liters of alcoholic drinks”.

Let’s take a look at some of the drunkest countries in the world. Cheers!

Czech Republic

At a whopping 14,4 liters per capita per year, that’s quite a lovely amount of alcohol people are pouring into their veins. As you’ll find out from the rest of this list, Eastern Europeans just love their drinks and I guess that’s what you do when your winters are cold as hell. Gotta keep warm somehow.

Czech Republic | Drunkest Countries In The World | Brain Berries


The country that makes the best beer in the world, also turns out to be one of the biggest drinkers in the world? That’s probably not a surprise to anyone. What is a surprise is that at 12,1 liters per capita, they barely made the list.

Belgium | Drunkest Countries In The World | Brain Berries


We mentioned Eastern Europe, right? These guys aren’t as bad as the Czech Republic, but at 12,7 liters per capita they’re no small fry either.