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Top 10 Most Famous Movie Directors

Wes Anderson

When people realize that Quentin Tarantino is problematic, they often shift their attention to Wes Anderson. He has a very recognizable style, very meticulously composed and framed shots, and adorable movies. His best movies (in my humble opinion) are The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Grand Budhapest Hotel.

Martin Scorsese

Here’s a director whose movies you might recognize less from their visual style and more from their subject matter. Many of Scorsese’s movies are about the “underworld” of our lives, the mafia, the gangsters, the people who don’t draw too much attention to themselves, but nevertheless shape the worlds that we live in. His famous movie Taxi Driver is about a (you guessed it) taxi driver who decides to become a vigilante. And Wolf of Wall Street tells the story of a person who really took financial scams to the next level. If you’re going to watch Scorsese movies, I recommend starting with these two!

Tim Burton

Here’s someone who has managed to make movies that are simultaneously creepy and heartwarming (in their own, unusual way). With hits like Nightmare Before Christmas and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, everyone knows what a Tim Burton movie looks like, even if they’ve never seen one before.

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