Star Wars Bloopers Explained


It’s finally happening! The 7th part of Star Wars is hitting theaters beginning December 14th. Although we still have the army of fans divided into 2 camps: the first one only acknowledges the classic trilogy and hate the prequel, the second one prefer newer chapters. Maybe, after the release of the 7th part of this movie we will witness the third side join the confrontation or the existing teams will join in hatred or love of the newest series.
Nevertheless, both sides are so anxious to see how Disney coped with Lucas’ heritage that most of them are completely engrossed with the countdown to the premiere of the 7th episode. To make the anticipation process less boring, let’s make a total recall of all 6 released episodes by remembering the bloopers that occurred there and trying to explain them.
This one, where the stormtrooper hits his head is kind of corny, but at least we know what their helmets are for. Who designed the door frames of the Death Star, midgets?

During the fight with Ben Kenobi Dath Vader’s chestplate turns backwards. No one knows why this happened. It may have something to do with the dark side of power or the fact that Darth Vader was just too excited about the upcoming fight and decided to take a mirror selfie, which afterward made it to the movie footage.

The objects on the table constantly change their position and amount. Well, it’s not a surprise, considering the Jedi density in that room and their telekinetic abilities.

In this scene Leia shoots the trooper on the left side, but the one on the right falls down. This only can be explained by the ricochet from their polished armor.

George Lucas took the problem with low doorways into account and decided to fix it within one movie frame.

When we first see the Millennium Falcon, there is no radar dish on it. Just a few seconds later we can see that it’s in its place. Well, I guess Chewbacca works really fast when it’s necessary.

During this scene the atmosphere was so strained that even Padmé’s pearl strands got untwisted on their own. Or else the princess’ dress triggered Anakin’s OCD and he used his telekinetic powers to fix it.

In this scene Obi-Wan used his mind trick to make the troopers pass them through. Apparently, he can even make them disappear with the power of thought. Why did they need light sabers then?

Chewbacca’s ammo belt appeared out of nowhere, they say. Well, it’s clearly that they are about to jump into the hyperspace. And as you may or may not know, things can move faster than light in it. Hence, it’s not a surprise it took less than a second for Chewbacca to put his belt on.

Well, it’s clearly that the fourth riffle belongs to the man on the right lower corner, who providently put it on the rack prior to having a heart attack.