14 Celebs Who Embraced Their Big Ears


If you’re really trying hard, you will find at least a few flaws in any person’s appearance. It just so happened that there are no perfect people in the world because we are not clones or robots, and each of us has individual characteristics. Some people perceive their nose, lips, or hair as something they should be hiding from the public, like it’s a disease. Others believe that their ears are too large or irregular in shape. Still, if you think about it, everyone’s ears are weird because they’re all unique, so go ahead and crush that inferiority complex as even celebrities have these insecurities. And yet they embrace their flaws!

Here are some of the biggest Hollywood actors and actresses who were graced with abnormal ears and didn’t give a hoot about them.

1. Kristen Stewart

Our favorite vampire enthusiast does not have any issues with her lovely ears.

2. Will Smith

Will is the kind of a guy who would emphasize his flaws just to make people laugh.

3. Anne Hathaway


There’s no Catwoman without cute cat ears.

4. Daniel Craig

Even James Bond must have had to deal with bullying at pre-school.

5. Emma Watson

Honestly, Emma has such a pretty face that nobody’s even looking at her ears.