Ashley Graham And 9 More Totally Gorgeous Plus-Size Models

The world has truly become a wonderful place if a model can weigh more than two carrots and a tomato and not be called fat. While there’s still a whole lot of carrots-and-tomatoes models out there, we’ve also seen an influx of “plus size” models. Because even though we accept them, we still want to point out they have more meat on their bones. Emancipation is a long, hard struggle.
It makes modeling a more realistic thing where you can actually imagine someone having a body like the model that’s showing off that piece of clothing. It also helps women all around the world understand that there’s nothing wrong with having some curves.
Let’s take a look at these totally gorgeous plus size models.

10. Barbie Ferreira
Barbie’s a real girl – really real and proud of it. She posted images of her stretch marks on Instagram and seems to be a very confident and attractive woman. She’s endured body shaming comments online, because people with Internet connections are still generally retarded.

9. Nadia Aboulhosn
Nadia has started out as a blogger, but has made the jump to modeling. She’s been featured in a whole lot of magazines (Vogue, Complex, America Apparel, …) and she’s not slowing down any time soon. She’s made a career of being body-positive, and that’s perfectly fine with us.

8. Tara Lynn
First showing up on the big scene when she was featured in a plus size shoot for V and Elle, she’s been in pretty much every magazine you can think of. She’s endured a lot of body shaming and bullying, but has overcome this negativity and grown stronger because of it.

7. Precious Lee
Born and raised in Atlanta, she’s featured in a bikini ad for Sports illustrated and posed for Lane Bryant. She’s not ashamed of her body in the slightest and is proud to show off her abundant curves.