These Nordic Artists Designed Wearable Sculpts That Will Take Your Stealth Game To The Next Level


The very Scandinavian sounding duo Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen did something that no one has done before them. I guess there’s a quite valid reason why no one did, but Karoline and Riitta did it anyway: they created wearable sculptures. I know this sounds a lot like “a coat made of rock and moss”, and it kind of is, but bear with me for a while. It’ll get good, I promise.

Of course, there’s more to it than just that. They made these sculpts and the associated pictures mostly as an homage of sorts to the elder people living in these remote areas, and to signify the bond between the modern man and nature. That’s why each picture has just one person on it, wearing the landscape they choose themselves. They didn’t just stick to Scandinavia either – their pictures span over 15 countries.

They recently turned to Kickstarter to fund their second book, so don’t expect this series to be a one-off either. Called Eyes As Big As Plates, their first book was a huge success. It’s a work of art that really shows a wonderful view of how Karoline and Riitta view the world and humanity’s place in it. As is pretty much demanded if you’re an artist these days, both Karoline and Riitta also have an Instagram page where you can follow their works of art. Be sure to follow them!