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7 Filthy Rich Celebs Who Live Extremely Humble Lives

Despite having international fame and eight-digit numbers on their bank accounts, there are celebrities who actually lead surprisingly modest lifestyles. They don’t spend millions of dollars on luxurious mansions, fancy cars, glamorous parties, and lavish vacations. They don’t go shopping with coupons every time, but they definitely don’t live as lusciously as they could. They prove that fame and modesty can go shoulder-to-shoulder and celebrities’ over-the-top lifestyles are just clichés to avoid. Are they exceptions that prove the rule or examples for other A-listers to follow? Check out the facts about their frugal lifestyles and judge for yourself.

Top 10 Charlie Harper’s Girlfriends (Then and Now)

If you’ve seen Two and a Half Men, you know Charlie Harper has quite the list of ex-girlfriends. And, if we’re going to be honest, they’re all extremely attractive in their own way. Let’s use the excuse of diving into the character’s mindset to take a look at the most attractive girlfriends ol’ Charlie has gotten.

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20 Gifs That Actually Prove Professional Wrestling Is Really Crazy

There are lot of fans who love wrestling to death. They know all their heroes and they can’t wait to see every next sports event. Pro wrestlers do a lot of insane tricks, in some cases there are too dangerous and breathtaking at the same time. Also there are some things that nobody can explain. It’s time for you to see the most extraordinary wrestling gifs and chill for a while.