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Ivanka Yurchenko is a writer and photographer with a passion for traveling. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, she spends a lot of time exploring the vibrant local culture that is filled with all kinds of events like music festivals, yoga retreats and art gallery openings. She enjoys writing about her travels to inspire other people to go out and see what the world has to offer. One day she just went exploring Myanmar, India and Nepal and found a world of wonders. Now Ivanka is striving to become a great writer and photographer to share the beauty of the world with as many people as possible.
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11 Ways Things Have Changed Since We Got the Internet0
11 Ways Things Have Changed Since We Got the Internet

Humanity has changed a lot since we’ve invented computers and, eventually, the miraculous monstrosity called Internet. Many people hate it and even more people love it for the way it unites us and makes our lives easier in different aspects. There’s no point in denying that our lives have changed irreversibly with all the gadgets and Internet apps that allow us doing the silliest things. We may be better connected with each other, but it doesn’t mean that we’re using this connection the smart way! Take a look at 11 things that have changed since the invention of the Internet.

10 Crazy Coincidences You Won't Believe Actually Happened6
10 Crazy Coincidences You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

We’ve all dealt with some kind of coincidences in our lives. Maybe you’ve thought of a friend you haven’t seen for years and suddenly he calls you out of the blue. Or maybe you’ve said something at the same time with another person. Our lives are filled with these small coincidences and we usually don’t pay much attention to them beyond the usual ‘oh, wow’. But then there are bigger coincidences that sometimes baffle even scientists. These unexplainable things happen all around us and history is filled with such examples. Did you know that the Titanic tragedy was predicted years before the ship was even built? And how about Simpsons predicting Trump’s presidency 16 years ago? Here are 10 crazy coincidences that actually happened.

Scientists Reveal: 9 Disgusting Habits That Are Actually Good For You

Think biting your nails is the most terrible thing ever? Contrary to popular belief, not all of our so-called bad habits are actually bad. You’ll be surprised to find out that some of them actually do you more good than harm. Scientists are a weird bunch of people, but they do some incredible discoveries from time to time. Like, did you know that staying a few extra minutes in bed is really beneficial for your health? No kidding. Telling lies can also be a good thing! Here are 9 ‘bad’ habits that are virtues in disguise.

20 Weird Things That Can Happen Only In India

India is full of shocking surprises, but some are weirder than others. Here’s a list of 20 crazy things that can happen only in India.

7 Spine-Chilling Mysteries from India

India’s culture is among the most ancient in the world and is rich with gods, monsters, demons and all kinds of deities. It’s a country where people take supernatural for granted and don’t doubt for a second there are things and creatures more powerful than human beings and that karma makes all things happen. So it comes as no surprise that in a country like this there are mysteries that cannot be solved neither by scientists, nor by priests and philosophers. Here are 7 mind-bending mysteries of India.

15 Bollywood Bombshells That Will Make Your Heart Race

India has been attracting much attention lately with its evolving film-production and gorgeous touristic sights that seem to never get out of trend. Today everyone has at least heard the word ‘Bollywood’ and has watched an Indian movie or two. It’s hard to deny the fact that Hindu movies are among the most unique in the industry, with its own musical flavor, mad dance moves and unparalleled epicness, which sometimes gets out of hand and becomes borderline crazy. Yet it’s Bollywood’s gorgeous women that make Hindu movies so appealing. Just like in any other country, we get to see some of the most beautiful, elegant, smart and fit women on the silver screen. Here are 15 Bollywood stars that are incredibly hot.

Benedict Cumberbatch: 4 Amazing Performances & 4 That Sucked

It’s not a secret that Benedict Cumberbatch is among the most intriguing modern day actors. He’s been involved in so many versatile movies that it’s sometimes hard to tell whether he’s just good or bloody brilliant. His characters are often strange (or Strange, if you like), but he depicts each and every one of them with great passion, always adding some quirky interesting details that make them truly unforgettable. But does he always choose the best roles? Far from it! Benedict Cumberbatch is also prone to questionable movie choices. Here are some of his most unforgettable roles, both good and not-so-good.

10 Creepiest Unsolved Murders in History

Murderers have been living among us since the dawn of time, hiding in plain sight, mingling with the rest of us “normal” folk. When a murder happens the whole society is affected, and even more so when the murder is left unsolved. We are left wondering who was that person, what happened to him, will he ever strike again? Here are 10 of the most disturbing unsolved murders that still haunt policemen.

9 Celebrities Who Are Battling Chronic Diseases

It is true that stars can get ill just like the rest of us and some of them are quite vocal about their diseases, yet others prefer to keep their health problems a secret. They may be gorgeous-looking, rich and famous, but when it comes to chronic diseases, all human beings are just the same. Here’s a list of celebrities who are struggling with chronic diseases while leading active lives as actors, actresses and performers.