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Ivanka Yurchenko is a writer and photographer with a passion for traveling. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, she spends a lot of time exploring the vibrant local culture that is filled with all kinds of events like music festivals, yoga retreats and art gallery openings. She enjoys writing about her travels to inspire other people to go out and see what the world has to offer. One day she just went exploring Myanmar, India and Nepal and found a world of wonders. Now Ivanka is striving to become a great writer and photographer to share the beauty of the world with as many people as possible.
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10 Weird Things We All Do But Will Never, Ever Admit

We, people, regard ourselves as rational human beings, but is that really so? Each of us has done something irrational at least once in our life, but the truth is – we do weird, crazy things on a daily basis without even noticing. We are constantly bombarded by our own emotions and more often than not we lose that battle and end up doing unexplainable things. How is that possible? Well, no one knows for sure, the answers to that are probably hidden in our subconsciousness. One thing we do know– everyone does those strange things, but no one will ever admit to the fact. Here are 10 crazy things we all have done at least once.

Beautiful Mutations 15 Staggering Photos of Heterochromia5
Beautiful Mutations: 15 Staggering Photos of Heterochromia

It’s true that eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. They are also one of the most fascinating parts of a human body that makes a person truly different from the rest. Some scientists even believe that eyes are like fingerprints – there are no two pairs that are totally alike. But when it comes to beauty, there’s hardly a more spectacular mutation than heterochromia iridum. It happens in both animals and human beings, and results in beautiful different-colored irises (that part of the eye that actually has color in it). Here are 15 examples of just how beautiful heterochromia can be.

12 Shows From the 90s That Are Still Amazing Today6
12 Shows from the 90s That Are Still Amazing Today

The 90s have made a great impact on modern TV shows and movies. Without Twin Peaks, would we have seen Lost? And without Friends, would there be How I Met Your Mother? Probably not. It was a great era of movie-making breakthroughs, amazing sitcoms and cool kids’ shows. And while watching all of 90s shows would probably be impossible, you can settle for a list of crème de la crème TV shows that are a must-see for anyone who appreciates great plots and engaging stories.

8 Sci-Fi Technologies We Should Never Ever Build

With the way technological progress has sped up during the last few years, any unbelievable thing you can think of today can become the reality of tomorrow. Yet there are technologies that are so dangerous that even modern humans won’t be able to contain them. They might be more harmful than helpful. Here are 8 sci-fi technologies we should stay away from.

10 Amazing TV Moments We Just Couldn't Stop Re-Playing This Year0
10 Amazing TV Moments We Just Couldn’t Stop Re-Playing This Year

We’ve seen a lot of great movies this year, but TV is also staying up-to-date bringing elaborate plot turns, breathtaking drama and loads of cool effects to the screens. Comedies, dramedies, detectives, and sci-fi – this year had it all! Apart from great acting, superb directing and amazing camera work, this year’s shows brought us some of the most thrilling moments ever. We couldn’t help ourselves and just had to push the ‘pause’ button to savor the moment! Here’s a list of 10 crazy cool TV scenes from various genres that made everyone’s eyes go wide.

10 Gut-Wrenching Movie Moments You Should Never Watch Alone

It’s quite obvious why horror movies are so appealing to millions of people all over the world. Getting the most genuine adrenaline rush while seating comfortably at home or at the cinema with a bucket of popcorn – it’s the best experience ever. Nowadays viewers aren’t as easily scared compared to a decade ago or more. Thus, horror movies come up with more and more elaborate schemes and tricks to scare the living daylights out of people. We present you 10 of the most spine-tingling horror movie moments you’ve ever seen.