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7 Beautiful Models Who Flaunt The Hottest Curves On Instagram

While the fashion industry may seem to be snoozing and slow to recognize that female beauty goes beyond the size zero, Instagram has become a haven for women who celebrate their real bodies. Besides gorgeous Kate Upton and Robyn Lawley who made history by being the first women with realistic curvaceous bodies to appear in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, more and more new Marilyn Monroes are getting recognition and appreciation from both sexes. Here are some bombshells, who embrace their curves and change the face of the fashion world, you should definitely know.

This Abnormal Beauty Will Make Even The Devil Sweat

Eye-catching. This is the word that describes 20-year-old model and Instagram star Sarah McDaniel in the best way possible. A genetic anomaly that results in differently colored irises – in Sarah’s case, yellow-brown and blue – turned out to be a genetic jackpot that helps the beauty stand out from the crowd. A feature that any aspiring model would die for.

Bizarre Yet Beautiful Tattooed Porcelain Figurines Jessica Harrison

Traditionally, decorative ceramic figurines represent kitsch beauty and serenity. Upon first glance, they are appropriate only for decorating your granny’s cabinet. British artist Jessica Harrison took an interest in these ceramic sculptures and reinvented the medium. She covered refined young women who resemble Jane Austen’s characters in neck-to-wrist sailor tattoos. As a result, her modified porcelain ladies appear slightly humorous, grotesque but undeniably fascinating.