9 Incredibly Hot Movie Scenes You Simply Can’t Miss

It is true that movies tend to romanticize things and make even the most ordinary scenes look outstanding on big screen. Yet it is also true that directors and operators along with actors and designers manage to create absolutely mesmerizing and painstakingly intimate scenes that reveal the true beauty of human relationships. While reality may not be as dazzlingly hot as they make it look on screen, it is still interesting to watch what Hollywood considers to be ‘the ideal lovemaking scene’. Here are 10 of the hottest movie moments that focus on love and intimacy.

9 More Bazinga Things You’ve Definitely Missed on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

You can re-watch this incredible TV show dozens of times and still miss some of the fun and witty puns screenwriters have hidden in there. It may be a recurring joke that somehow avoided your attention or small, yet special, detail that actually means more than you think – there all kinds of things hidden in The Big Bang Theory and you’re about to find out something new for yourself!

Top 10 Most Visually Stunning Movies of All Time

Some movies are made in such a beautiful way, that we forgive them any kind of flaws they might have. It’s not all about the visuals, but when the movie’s beautiful, it becomes a kind of picture perfect art in itself that’s not caught in one moment, but is moving constantly from one frame to another. Here are 10 movies with truly stunning visuals.

Top 10 Creepy Clowns In Movies And TV

It’s no wonder coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, is such a common thing. Of course Hollywood, as it does, is fully aware of this clown fear. It was only a matter of time before we were flooded with psycho killer clowns, and look where we are today in the 2016th year of baby Jesus. People are no longer just scared of clowns, they’re being conditioned to be scared of them.
So the next time someone wants to watch something with clowns in it and you really hate that bastard’s guts, try these for a change.

8 Hottest Mexican Telenovela Actresses

Mexicans really love watching their TV shows, and no wonder! They have incredibly beautiful women playing the leading roles in some of the most dramatic and complicated Telenovela plots ever created. These gorgeous stars have millions of followers that watch their every step. Not only do these women look stunning, but they are also talented and have built truly successful careers. If you are still not a fan of Mexican TV shows, you’ll definitely become one after you see this list.

8 Celebrity Couples Who Split After Working Together

Working together is a serious test for any couple, especially when both are actors. Being under stress all the time, with almost no sleep and specific roles that need to be performed – all this can destroy even the healthiest relationships. Actors break up like all ordinary people sometimes do, but unlike us mere mortals, they can’t just drop the movie to get away from the ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Here are a few couples whose relationships ended after working together.

8 Weird Harry Potter Fan Theories That Might Be True

Fans like to get to the bottom of things when it comes to their beloved movies and TV shows. Harry Potter has been around for a long time and fans have kept themselves busy coming up with crazy theories and ideas about different events and plot twists. Think you know who Ron Weasely truly is? You’re up for a big surprise there! Even J. K. Rowling will be stunned to read some of these ideas. But are they true or false? Here are 8 Harry Potter fan theories that will make your head spin.

10 TV Series Stars You Won’t Recognize in Real Life

There are dozens of TV show characters that become immensely popular either due to their great looks, witty remarks or downright awful attitude. But we often forget that no matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ these characters are, people that portray them are actually quite different in real life. Some actors and actresses look as hot as they do on screen, others are more down to earth and demure. Yet there are those who are nothing like their on-screen personas. Here are 10 stars that are hard to recognize in real life.

12 Male Movie Characters That Are Smokin’ Hot

It’s hard to tell which characters bring more views, male or female ones. While it’s true that gorgeous women will be unquestionably popular until the end of times, male heroes are gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. Some of them win viewers over with their intellectual prowess and charm, and then there are others that are just too hot to ignore. Here’s a list of male characters that will make take your breath away.